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American Truck Simulator

Discussion in 'Game Reviews' started by Gameable17, Apr 15, 2020.


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  1. Gameable17

    Gameable17 New User Freedom! Member

    Apr 15, 2020
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    American Truck Simulator is a newer game than Euro Truck Simulator 2, it is made by the same company, SCS Software and was released on November 9th, 2015. I have over 90 hours in this game and I do enjoy it, first the positives, like Euro Truck Simulator 2, this game is updated regularly, usually at the same time as Euro Truck Simulator 2, this game also has an active modding community and also does have a Multiplayer mod, like its older brother, Euro Truck Simulator 2. even the game engine is the same, so they are equally stable. one of the negatives about this game is the size of the map, the map size is small compared to even the base game of Euro Truck Simulator 2, they attempted to fix this by giving out 2 planned DLC areas for free to anyone, so the base game of American Truck Simulator has the real base of Californa, plus the states of Nevada and Arizona. but even with those the map is quite small, all other areas have been DLC, which includes the states of New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington and Utah with Idaho and Colorado on the way at the time of writing this. the game version is 1.36 with 1.37 in beta and in general, is a great game. hopefully I swayed a few of you to get this game, and if so, hope to see you on the road.
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