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Welcome to the forums!

Hey, #FreedomFamily!

Once again, it is time to announce the Member of the month! Before that, we would like to announce an addition to the MotM perks. The Freedom! Forum's MotM game keys pack!

And now, for this month, our #MotM is...


He's been really active on our forums and won an almost unanimous vote from the forum team!...
Create Your Own Emoji
September Contest

Details for the contest
To celebrate the brilliance of the Emoji movie For a bit of fun this month we would like to get you all to to create some custom emojis for the Freedom! discord forums.

The winning entries will be chosen for use in the discord for all the Freedom!...

It is that time of the week once again ! Are you ready for your dose of forum news ?

Time is ticking ! Monthly contest is ending next week :eek:


Time is ticking, but you still have time until the 30th to submit your emoji to the contest ! Not only will the winner's emoji will be added to Discord and Forums, but you will be getting a bunch of steam game keys as well !
Hurry up and join the...​
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Freedom! Community Team with another Community Newsletter. We have news for live streamers, tip videos from Creator Academy, and a lot of videos from Freedom! Central because they have been very active. Read on to find out what you might have missed!

YouTube Live | Updates &...
Earn more money on Youtube now! If that's your thing.

Hello, all!
Hope you are all well, recently the Youtube Creative Blog has released a new article! You've more than likely already heard by now but Youtube plan on answering its creators was to earn more money with "Sponsorships" Yeah I'm not too keen on the name either. ...​
Hello, all!
Quote of the day: Wakey wakey hands off Snakey.
Can you guess the quote? Get 30 credits if you're first! :D

So Youtube live streaming has been a go-to stream service for some time now, as an opposite side to sites like Twitch and mixer. Everyone can stream and it's a great way to connect with your audience and build your own community! So with that being said Youtube has been working on a few features and fix's which is music to my ears and let me show you whats changing! Be sure to check out...​
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