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Welcome to the forums!

We want your funny/creative/scary gifs from your YouTube videos!

The best ones will get their gif featured on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Freedom!

Your YT channel and source video will be included as well.
Want to create your own game? Go on a D and D adventure online with your friends? Build your own world, story and lore? Well, nows your chance!

MyWorld - Where action RPG begins!

MyWorld is an action RPG adventure creator with built-in worlds; ready to be conquered and kick-start your imagination. Solid multi-player means you can battle alongside or against friends and foes with PvP and Co-Op modes. Invite players into adventures you've created, explore friends worlds and share on the.​

Welcome back to another exciting FFF, don't worry you haven't lost track of time I offered to do this week's FFF in place of @Crazylawrence

~~~ Astonishing Announcements ~~~

So probably the most unannounced announcement we have to make is Freedom now offering on request channel reviews for its partners.

The Channel Checkup is being supplied by Freedom's Partner Management Team or FPMT as I'm referring to them as. These reviews are going to be especially helpful and...​
Hello wonderful Freedom Family

Just wanted to share a juicy piece of information with you, that hasn't been announced on the Freedom YouTube channel yet (or indeed very widely) yet, and that is requesting a channel checkup from one of Freedom's Partner Management Team (FPMT)

Now who's excited for this???

I can definitely say I am, and I am also a bit confused about why this hasn't been advertised that much yet, as I will be shouting about this for some time

So I suppose I really should get around to telling you all about this, as I guess that's why you clicked on this thread and...

Welcome back everyone to this slightly late FFF, without further delay lets jump straight in with all the wonderful news we have.


Starting off I would just like to say a big thank you for everyone who participated in last months Giveaway, and a big congratulations to the following people for being crowned our winners
- Dylan S
- @william gardner
- @Slinic

If you didn't win please don't worry as we have a new competition to announce and...​

November #FreedomGiveaway Winners
Winners of $100 each worth of game keys/software:
1. Dylan S.
2. @william gardner
3. @Slinic

All participants who entered will receive 20 CRD.

Congratulations to our #FreedomGiveaway winners!

@Koala_Steamed will message the winners with a list of games/software to choose from our catalog!

Hello once again guys, it's BlackFriday FFF :eek: !


Black Friday ? We're doing that too !

That's right, the Forum store is having a massive discount and for the first time ever even offering steam game keys for sale !
Already excited about it ? Check out the announcement thread @Row made Here !...​
In the spirit of the internet-wide "Black/White Friday" sales, we are launching a little Green Friday sale.

You can purchase our Store products at greatly discounted prices. Hurry though, some stocks are limited.
Click here to view the forum store.

But wait, there's more!
For a limited time, from now up to Sunday (or until stocks last), you can exchange your CRD for Steam games!
Hey, #FreedomFamily!

We thank everyone who voted and participated in our little poll for the new MotM. Before we get to the winner, let's all give a big virtual round of applause for our MotM Finalist @Louisse Subido

He will receive 50 CRD!
And now, it is time to announce the...
Hi #FreedomFamily! Stef is back again to bring you all more free stuff in the newly re-branded GG (Game Giveaways) in the shiny Freedom! Dashboard. In today's video Stef will be talking about about the GG system and how it's evolving and more importantly how you as a Freedom! Partner can use it. Please click this link to get started. https://www.freedom.tm/dashboard/game-giveaways

Welcome to Game Giveaways
This is where Freedom!...
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