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Welcome to the forums!

Gaming Tutorials!
November Contest

Details for the contest

We have just lauched the MGN Section of the Forums! If you don't know what MGN is, it's a Freedom! Subnetwork dedicated to Gaming YouTubers. Whether you own a gaming YouTube Channel or you just love playing games, chances are you've seen (or even made) a tutorial for a game already!

For this contest, we want...

Yes I know it is a Saturday, the original FFF was created for Friday but I forgot to push it to the Announcement page, so it's delayed once again :/
That's right, I am back with this week's roundup of news from all around the Freedom! Forums.

You may have noticed, I haven't been around on the forums and there is a reason for that of which I will explain a little bit later on.

I spy with my little eye, a contest?

Well... not quite, sorry to get your hopes up....​

Welcome back to a slightly later than usual FFF post, we have a few things to go over and some really interesting news to share so without further delay lets jump straight back in.

Bringing Motm Back


As you may have gathered by the main title or indeed the banner above, I plan to continue with our Motm, which we do on the forums. There has been a little lull in this recently,...​
Welcome back to the community newsletter ! Hope you all had a great month and are ready for a quick newsletter :)

The secret to views

Bored of growing slowly ? Want to know how to get views quickly ? Fear no more, papa George is ready to reveal the secret ! Now I feel like I'm trying to scam you all :D

For more details on how freedom got a spike of views check out this video and let George explain it to you:


Welcome back to another great FFF, as you can tell by the title Halloween is almost upon us, and I have to say I am not excited in the least. I did however see the newest Halloween film, but nevertheless I have an article to write, so here goes nothing.


Just a little personal announcement from me really here, for those of you who took in interest in my previous 'Advice Needed Moving Soon' thread, I would like you to know I am all settled into my new place now, so YAY.

Also did...​

Welcome back to another Freedom! Forum Friday! We have a lot to cover this week so why don't we get into it!

YouTube Discussions!

My personal favourite part of every week's FFF is looking at the Discussions Members are having about YouTube and this week didn't fail to deliver on those!

As it wouldn't be a FFF without featuring @tovah, he wanted to hear your opinions on watching back your older videos. Can it help you or are...​

Hi, if you're reading this you are either lost or a really loyal reader :D
Welcome to the FFF !

Newsletter is back again ~!

Newsletters have been coming and going god knows where, finally it has reached our @zeke morgan ~! If you're not excited for this newsletter then I don't know what will get you going :D Check out the newsletter Right Here !...​
Newsletter Getting Noldified
Hello everyone and welcome to another Freedom Newsletter ! Let's take a look at what happened this month !

So you may have noticed the Freedom Forum Team have taken over the Freedom Newsletter again this month, how long we will have it for is anyone's guess but whilst we do lets dive straight into this months news.

Be Sure To Get Noldified

Papa George and Nold have been busy on the Freedom YouTube page, creating a whole host of videos which you may find interesting. For...

Hello everyone and welcome to another FFF! Don't worry, I'm not the only Moderator doing this anymore, though as seems to be tradition, have a nice Saturday! It's been a very active week again so let's dive right into it!

Create an Emoji for Freedom! Revamped!
Remember the last time a contest was about creating emojis? That was a year ago... I feel old already.
Well last year's winners are still up on the Discord...
Create Your Own Emoji S2
September Contest

Welcome back to the second season of our Create your own Emoji contest!

We had a blast with the last one, and the #FreedomFamily's creativity really shined through. This year, we hope to see more of your wonderful innovation in the form of your very own emoji. ;)
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