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Welcome to the forums!

Freedom! Crypto Miner Beta has been released and we need your feedback on how it can be improved! At the moment it is still in the early stages where there are limited GPUs that are compatible and only a single currency (ZCash) that can be mined.

It can be accessed via the Freedom! Dashboard https://www.freedom.tm/dashboard/crypto-miner once downloaded extract the .zip file and tun the installer. You may need to disable your virus detection temporarily when first running. Remember to turn it...

How is everyone doing this wonderful but cold Friday night? Three weeks have passed and now it is time to run through the latest updates and changes that we as the Freedom! community might be facing....​
Hey, #FreedomFamily!

It is time to announce the Member of the month!

For this month, our #MotM is...

I apologise for the lateness of this weeks FFF, I've been feeling rather unwell this week and forgot to ask if someone would take over for me. But anyway I'm feeling a bit better today so here is the delayed FFF.

Catch Up With Videos

Seems like George has been busy lately uploading quite a few videos on the Freedom Youtube channel whihc you may find interesting, for example some news on the new Cryptominer and Epidemic Sound. If your interested don't hesitate to check them out below...​

Hey #FreedomFamily,

It's time to unveil the new Collaboration Tool we have been working on! This has been around the forums but hasn't been publicly announced yet.

What is it?
Collaboration is one of the fastest ways to grow your channel! The Collaboration Tool allows you to find Collab matches without spending hours looking. You tell us your preferences and some information about your channel and we reach out to you with channels that meet your preferences. Then you reach out to the...

Once again coming in with a FFF :) Hope everyone has had a great week !
Coming in slightly late as I have a bit of a fever so I haven't gotten around to writing until just now...

Lets continue the trend :)

Like every month we have contests or giveaways to share some awesome goodies with the community. As the previous giveaway has received a huge amount of entrees I want to remind everyone to join the February contest as well for some more goodies :3 ! Further details can be...​

We thank everyone for the 6k+ entries and we hope that you will continue to participate in our monthly contests/giveaways.

Since the competition was done on social media, if you joined in and you are also a forum member, please contact an admin with the link to your entry to claim your 20 CRD!

Hey Freedom! Family,

The January giveaway winners will be announced on the 5th. If you missed out on the last one, do not worry, the next one is here!

February Contest!

One month down, just another eleven to go! Hoping that all of you have had a good first month of 2018 and fingers crossed it stays that way for the rest of the year. As February rolls on over, we are etching ever so close to Valentine's Day, but don't worry, if you haven't got someone this year, we are here as the Freedom! Family to keep you happy and occupied.


[COLOR=rgb(166, 77,...​
We have 2 new sectional moderators in the Freedom! forums, @LW001 and @Dev_J. Thank you to all those that applied, we had a very difficult job only choosing 2. Those that didn't make it you can still continue to help out with the forums building the awesome community we have here!

Congrats LW001 and Dev_J, the forum team look forward to working with both of you :)
    1. LW001 LW001
      ↳ call me to put your ad here
    2. RyanSellers RyanSellers
      ↳ Freedom! Celebrity
    3. Smart Facts UK Smart Facts UK
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