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Welcome to the forums!

Contest closed! Winners announced in the following thread:

Click here to view May's contest!


Along with the Community Overhaul update back in January, the Forum Team promised events in which you can win prizes this year starting with the Screenshot Guessing Game Event...
The Support Portal has recently been updated with information regarding the YouTube Partner Program, here's a quick rundown, as well as some links to learn more about the YouTube Partner Program and how it may affect your partnership with Freedom!.

*Update* April 4, 2016

The deadline has officially been pushed back to May 16, 2016!

*Update* March 24, 2016

The YPP acceptance deadline has been set back by YouTube by a few weeks, no definitive date has been released yet.

Why am I required to join the YouTube Partner Program...
If you have been a member of this community for around half a year or more, you may remember something called the Featured Designer program which was run by the Forum Team.

The purpose of this program was to spotlight designers in the Freedom! Community so anyone who wanted designs done could go to them. Unfortunately the program was discontinued, but it may be replaced with something similar by the network in the future.

The follow-up

As of today (22nd of March, 2016), the "Featured Designer" ribbons will be disappearing from the forums. This decision wasn't made...
Hey Freedomers!

It is time to announce the Member of the month!

And this month's #MotM is...


He has been a very helpful member, welcoming newcomers and reporting rule breakers! Let's take a look at his latest (and helpful!) video:

To everyone else, do not worry, there's still next month!

Show the community that you have what it takes to be #MotM

Best of luck to...
YouTube has a new policy that requires every channel to accept the YouTube Partner Program by April 1, 2016.
Otherwise, YouTube will disable all monetization in your channel.

See this video by @George for more details!

I know a lot of people have been wanting reviews for their channel and we haven't really has a specific section for that, well now we do! Be sure to check it out here Community Reviews

This section will only be as good as the community that creates it, so please don't use this just to spam content in (that was one of the reasons we removed and merged it with the content section). This is not for promotion so read the...
Some small aesthetic changes have been made to the forums subtly over the month of February and we have a new banner and some other things as of today. Some things around the forums have been fixed as well. So here's everything you need to know!

Patch Notes
  • Most prominently, we have a new banner now!
    • New resolution of 1170x203px
    • No longer two separate images, makes room for more customizing
  • Search bar will no longer slide around on different screen sizes
    • It will shrink to a smaller icon on smaller screens instead
  • The forums on...
Hello Freedom'ers !

With the new Forums Overhaul update a lot of changes were made (change log can be found here).

One of the changes were the section names, like creations section and such. With this poll we want to ask you if you like the new names, are they confusing or maybe they're easy to understand and intuitive ? Based on your input we will try making navigation the forums as easy as possible !

Please leave your replies with ideas on how to improve the names or layouts after voting on the...
Hey Freedomers!

It is time to announce the first Member of the month for 2016!

And this month's #MotM is...

@Nolan Westmore

Let's take a look at one of his videos!

To everyone else, do not worry, there's still next month!

Show the community that you have what it takes to be #MotM And since its a brand new year, everyone else who were #MotM from last year gets a chance at the title once again!

Best of luck to all!


Welcome to the 1st Freedom Forums Event!

With the launch of 2.0 we will be including events, where you can win prizes and compete against your fellow Freedom! forum members. If you are not a gaming channel don't worry, we will also have events that cater for other channel types so that everyone can be involved!

Screenshot Guessing Game
The rules for this are simple, all you have to do is work out the game from the screen capture provided. Just the game title will do but if you can also provide the exact title and version (if it is a series) you may get bonus points. You can...
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