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Welcome to the forums!

Hello again, everybody! I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed your weekend. Although Freedom! Central ran a bit low on uploads last week, there are plenty of things going on and topics we can discuss!

Let's wrap up this week!

★ September’s Forum Contest begins! Congrats to last month’s winners, and good luck to everyone that participates this month! The new contest is all about reviews! https://freedom.community.tm/threads/september-2016-monthly-forum-contest-over-100-in-prizes.210827/

★ We've noticed a lot...
August Contest Winners!

Hey Freedom! Family, here are the winners of last month’s forum contest:

First place for the $50 prize: @TechNoboOrig
First place for the $50 worth of games: @Showcase One Media

To see the winning entries, check out:
TechNoboOrig's VR Guide...
Hello again, everybody! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'd like to start off by responding to the frequently asked question this week: "Where is George?" and then hit a few important miscellaneous points, give you some updates on Frosted Fricks' weekend at Fan Expo, and then finally we'll touch base on the buzz regarding censorship and demonetized content on YouTube.

Where's George?
George has been working behind the scenes with Gloco and his team on ways to help the whole Freedom! Family. In addition to that, as CEO...
Hey Freedom Family!

It is time to announce the Member of the month for August!

This month's decision was a tough one so we decided to have both of the top nominees as our Members of the Month!

And they are..

@zeke morgan and


Both of them have been very helpful members, active on our chat and very helpful around our support section!

Let's take a look at one of their videos from their respective channels!
Hello again, everybody! I hope you're all having a good weekend. As this is the last Weekly Wrap Up for August, let's make it a little special. In addition to the usual topics of the week, I'd like to mention forum posts from throughout the month that stood out to me as well. I hope you like this idea! :D

Featured Forum Posts from August!
➔ The August forums contest is now over, but everyone should definitely read through the entries that were submitted while we wait for the winner to be announced!...
Note: If you're going to share gameplay content without commentary on YouTube, please check to be sure that the developer/publisher gives permission. Just to be safe. It's usually pretty easy to find this information. Most games have official websites and typically you can locate a FAQ area where they've already been asked about this and have stated whether or not they allow free use of their game for video content creators.

Guide for posting Free...
Hello, everybody! I hope that you all had a good week. There is a lot of stuff to cover from last week. I’ll start with a featured forums contest entry, then the important miscellaneous bits, followed by the videos from the week with featured comments, and conclude with ways you can interact more with the Community Team!

Featured Forums Contest Entry!
This month’s contest revolves around the Resources and Tips section. Keep on submitting your tutorials and...
The Community Team is a group that strives to be good representatives of this community, and has passion for helping others. We want everyone to be informed and involved about what we're up to, and these weekly posts are shaping up to be a good way to accomplish that!

Introducing new members!
In the last few weeks the team has recruited 5 new members that I'm happy to feature and announce!
➔ ZhoustFrags https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqnc1sYsLT6eqQX_9cz12g
➔ Flank'emALL...
The Freedom! Community Team continues making efforts to become more involved with everyone, and decided that these weekly wrap up forum posts are a great way to connect! If you'd like to know more about members of the team, most of us have our channel trailers in this playlist:

Let's wrap up this week!

July Contest Winners!

Hey Freedom! Family, here are the winners of last month’s forum contest:

First place for the $50 prize: @clumsycon
First place for the $50 worth of games: @Mr Price

To see the winning entries, check out
Clumsycon's CS Thumbnial Template...
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