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Why was my channel unlinked from Freedom!?

Aug 21, 2017
Why was my channel unlinked from Freedom!?
  • Recently, YouTube has increased its mandate to ensure all channels do not violate YouTube policies, including their community guidelines, terms of service (ToS) and terms of use (ToU), which encompass strict rules regarding spam, copyright, misleading metadata, inactive accounts, and inappropriate content, among other areas.

    We have recently reviewed all channels in our network, and where we have found one or more videos that violate YouTube policies, the related channel was unlinked. Most of the unlinks were due to the use of an algorithmic detection that detects potential bad behavior, which is a process also used by YouTube itself, but that, unfortunately, may not be 100% accurate. Just like YouTube, we also have a human re-review process. If your channel has been unlinked and you believe your channel has no violations, or you are willing to remove the video(s) with violations, please Contact Support by creating a ticket with the ticket type Unlinked Channel with your appeal.

    For background, please review YouTube's Policies and Community Guidelines including Spam and Copyright basics.


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