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Showcase One (aka. TLDR)

Aug 14, 2017
Showcase One (aka. TLDR)
  • Who is this mysterious figure? Why does he always roam the forums when least expected? What happens at those koala_fried tree burning ceremonies?

    Well... All those fabulous questions are about to be answered! So... Message the admins of reddit, aim a flamethrower at koalas tree, fix the hole In the rowboat, make some brittish crumpets, message the lockSMITH go crazy with lawrence and nerd out in no mans network as things are about to get a bit too long for the name!

    His a random Auzzie who likes to explore new stuff weather it may be learning to program, stuffing up a VPS, locking himself out of a website, making an indie film, burning forum admin trees or just making the next big thing!

    • Development
    • Filmmaking
    • Guitar
    • Wasting the time of forum admins
    • Being mysteriously anonymous
    • Making music
    • Changing LWs nickname on discord
    • Many more

    Will you autograph my picture?

    How good are you at locking yourself out of websites?
    Wait WHAT! Who said I did that!

    What is your daily routine?
    Wake up, have breakfast, do some work, have lunch, spam Livestreams, annoy forum admins, develop something, annoy forum admins, science the heck out of everything, pun brainstorming session, annoy admins, koala tree burning, sleep.

    What software do you use?
    I use the Adobe creative cloud and heaps others!

    Can I visit you?
    NO! If you come within 500KM of my house I'll send dropbears on you!

    Will you make me a website or edit my video?
    Message me and give me another flamethrower!

    I have a question, where can I ask it?
    Private message me and hope for a reply in the next 365 days!


    More coming soon!
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