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Tips & Tricks Starting Out as New YouTuber/Vlogger

Discussion in 'Resources and Tips' started by Quick Review Show, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Quick Review Show

    Quick Review Show New User

    Apr 5, 2019
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    Starting Out as New YouTuber/Vlogger

    Warmest greeting from me!
    Many of you actually wants to start a YouTube channel but have no idea where is your direction, right?
    Not to worry as I will list out the important thing you must have before you started out.

    Camera + Kits

    When you are just starting out, don’t bother to buy camera equipment as it’s high risk since you have no goal for your YouTube Channel unless you don’t mind consider it as expenses. If you have a phone that supports 1080p 24/30fps, that’s more than enough. Trust me it is more than enough. What you need next are the kits to make your video looks good.

    Here I want to share with you this smartphone gimbal:

    Rather than spending $500++ on a new camera, it would be wise to spend on a gimbal and microphone first. If you don’t even have $200 in your bank account, then work part-time while you are building your channel.


    If you are using phone as when you are starting, Kinemaster is a great choice. There are other apps for editing as well like splice or even iMovie which is free. If you have a computer at home, you can edit it in Premiere Pro, Final Cut and etc. As for free editing, I usually do not recommend free software as it might have a watermark on your video.

    Video Theme/Title

    You got all that and what now? You need to think of your theme and video title. But be careful, most video title are very competitive. So, you need to find a title where there’s less competition. How?

    Look at this video for tutorial (EASY):

    Do I shoot first or think of title and do I need a script?

    Think of the title first as this will make your content to have a direction that you want.
    You definitely need a script. Minimum is 700 word script.

    I have done all that and no views and subscriber!

    You need to market yourself by posting on social media and be out there introducing yourself. If you just post your link and your content is not that great, people won’t even bother to watch.

    Hope this helps a lot of people who wants to have YouTube as their main income!
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