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Gaming Reintroducing Myself & The DKC (Dragon Knight Crew)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by DraycosDragon, Sep 6, 2020.


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  1. DraycosDragon

    DraycosDragon Respected User Freedom! Member

    Jul 18, 2015
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    Hello there. I haven't introduced myself in over a year... almost 2 years now I think. So for those who don't know me... I am known online as DraycosDragon. I do a variety of live streams (podcasts, Jackbox games, Roblox, writing streams, GameJolt games, etc). And my community is called the DKC (short for "Dragon Knight Crew"). I try my best to interact with my viewers as much and as quickly as I'm able to. Though sometimes there are times when I'm too focused on the games I'm streaming to answer/reply to my Twitch stream chat. But once I am able to focus elsewhere again and see what others have posted in my stream chat, I will respond to it right away.

    WHO AM I?
    1. I am a Canadian
    2. I'm currently 31 (will be 32 in December of 2020)
    3. I am part of the LGBT+ community in 3 different ways
    4. I am a gamer
    5. I am a live streamer via Twitch
    6. I am an ex-YouTuber (not gonna get into why I quit YouTube)
    7. I'm a story creator
    8. I run a tabletop RPG game that is normally live streamed to Twitch once a week (currently on hiatus until scheduling issues are taken care of but it WILL return shortly for the very first "season one" of the game to finally begin)
    1. Jackbox games
    2. random GameJolt games
    3. Roblox
    4. "on stream" games (such as Words On Stream, Gartic, and other games where the live stream chat is used as the game's controller)
    5. GeoGuessr
    6. DK Online (Dragon Knight Online)
    7. writing streams (stories, lyrics, etc)
    8. Would You Rather
    9. Closer Online
    10. online versions of tabletop games (i.e.: Trial By Trolley, Joking Hazard, Room 25, etc)
    11. room escape games (thanks to freeroomescape.com)
    12. drunk streams (hence why my channel is marked as "mature")
    13. Card Hunter
    14. AMA (Ask Me Anything) live streams
    15. charity live streams twice a year (New Years Day/Eve and Canada Day)
    16. Among Us
    The DKC (Dragon Knight Crew) are various people within the community (Twitch subscribers, Twitch followers, fans and viewers in my community's public Discord server, etc). Every single person within the community is known as a Dragon Knight. The name came to mind a few years ago before I became a YouTuber and before I even knew Twitch existed. And since it seemed kinda catchy, I just kinda stuck with it ever since. The DKC is an LGBT+ friendly community where we despise those who attack others (trolls, verbal abuse, racial/gender haters, scammers, etc). We are a community that may joke every once in a while but we are also careful not to cross the line. We look out for each other, care for each other, have fun together, and show each other support. And during these times (especially during the pandemic), I know it is hard to find such support. But we are here to give the support that is sometimes nearly impossible to find in the real lives of various people (myself included). Plus we have a saying where each letter happens to spell out the words DRAGON... "Don't Regret Anything Good Or negative". What does that mean? It means you shouldn't regret the things you may have done. Because that just makes you who you are. Instead you should look back on what you have done and try to learn from it so you can become a better person. And if you need some assistance in this, we (the DKC) are ready to help yet offer a way to add some fun in your life (even if it means just watching a live stream or playing a game with myself and the community... just something to help cheer you up). I personally feel there are too many people saying things like "just cheer up" or "try not to think of those things" or "it'll be better". Sometimes it is easier to say than to do. And we (myself included) understand that it's not as easy as a lot of people make it seem. So the DKC is here to help and support those watching my streams. Even if we don't understand how a person feels, we can still give them their space if they don't want to talk about things or if they don't want the help and support.

    Oh that's an easy one. If you have ever seen "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and realized how that movie was basically real people in a toon world, then just imagine it being flipped... toon creatures in a realistic world. That is what we're doing with this tabletop game... which we have officially named "Toonology". And the game is run as a tabletop game similar to the ole PathFinder and D&D games. Though if you don't understand toon logic and toon physics, then a lot of what goes on may be a little over your head. The game (run by myself) is also run via Roll20.net and it is live streamed on my Twitch live stream channel.

    Totally. In fact, that is the exact reason I got Jackbox (packs 1 to 5 currently) and why I have been including more multiplayer online games (such as Roblox and Closers Online) and why I've been including some of the "on stream" games (such as Gartic and Words On Stream). Even if the viewers aren't able to join the game itself, there are other ways I have made some games (such as Would You Rather and GeoGuessr) easier for viewers to help me out so that way they can still be included

    I currently have a little writers block. But when I'm able to, I'll write little poems and/or song lyrics or I will write something for my mini story series called "Toonee Treets" (which is currently availablt on my FurAffinity page and soon to be included on my DeviantArt page as well). I also have a 2-part story but that one is a bit too NSFW to really mention here. And currently I am planning to start doing some commission stories as well (currently working on a freebie one right now as a tester story just to see how well it does online).

    Well... normally I have a goal for a 6-month span but this last time the channel didn't quite make it. Normally I leave a 6-month-long goal to see if the channel can make either the subscriber goal or the follower goal by the end of a certain month. And I always say that if we reach the goal by that specific date, there would then be a charity live stream shortly after (current goals: 5 subscribers OR 500 followers by the end of the year... event: if either of those 2 goals are reached by the end of the year, there's gonna be a charity live stream for New Years Day and/or New Years Eve... possibly both if there's time).

    Sadly no. But I did come close 1 year. There was 1 year I didn't expect to get ANYTHING and I got surprised with a giant charity donation bomb of $50 (the donation goal was $100). So when the alert started, it kinda startled me til I saw the amount. Then i was completely speechless for like the next 2-3 hours. But that was the closest we (the DKC) have come to reaching a charity stream goal.

    I don't have specific charities like Rhett and Link of GMM have. I go with random ones based on various criteria... the events happening at the time (COVID19, Australia's fires of last year, etc), what relates to myself and/or my community most (LGBT+ community issues, children's hospitals, bullying/cyberbullying, etc). In 2018 for Canada Day we raised $100 (with the goal of $500). So getting 20% of the goal was astonishing. Especially for such a small channel like mine. And I hope to keep up such good work for future charity streams to come.

    If you wanna know anything else about myself, my Twitch channel, my charity work through my Twitch live streams, and/or my community as a whole, you're welcome to ask. And if you want to check my Twitch streams yourself, my Twitch channel should be linked in my profile. Or you can just click here if you'd prefer
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2020 at 1:47 AM
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  2. EcCeNTriC Cuddless???

    EcCeNTriC Cuddless??? Full Member

    Dec 15, 2018
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    Hello DraycosDragon, and welcome back! Your crew sounds really cool!
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  3. DraycosDragon

    DraycosDragon Respected User Freedom! Member

    Jul 18, 2015
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    :)(y) (Y)Thanks

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