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FFF Penultimate Black Friday Week

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Crazylawrence, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Crazylawrence

    Crazylawrence Statistical Analyst - RLRS LIVE Moderator Community Team! Freedom! Member

    Feb 10, 2016
    Forum Posts:
    Likes Received:

    Hello Freedom! Members, we are one week away from Black Friday, any plans on what you might be trying to get on the 24th of November? Anyway, today we have a lot to get through in *hopefully* a short thread, so let's get started!


    Member of the Month

    In normal practice, you, the Freedom! community contribute to the forums and we notice some of your amazing support to each other. We also give the community the option to nominate who they think deserves our award. Both of these are placed into a pool for the Forum Team to come to an agreement on who will receive the title of Member of the Month.

    However, this month just didn't go as planned. Many of you gave us good reasons for why you should become Member of the Month, however two people showed the most potential in our eyes, unfortunately that caused us to create a tie in voting.

    Instead of letting us decide everything, the power is now in your hands.
    You can vote between our tied partners in a poll, where the winner on November 20th will be crowned our Member of the Month.

    You can choose between these two:

    Here is the link to the voting poll!



    Live Support on Freedom! Central

    Throughout many years, we have received many questions through the Forums, Support tickets and YouTube comments, all of which sometimes take a little while before an official response has been made.

    Introducing, the 'not so' new: Chicco Show

    Every Monday to Saturday at 5AM to 8AM Manilla Time
    9PM to Midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
    1PM to 4PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
    3PM to 6PM CST (Central Standard Time)
    For other time zone conversions, visit: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

    Ask your questions in the YouTube chat, us moderators will keep track of them so that Chicco will not miss them out and he will answer them for you. He is a member of the support team so this would be the same response you would typically get in a text form but spoken LIVE. Please be aware that normal chat etiquette should be followed and the community team and forum team have every right to remove your comments, mute you from the chat or if necessary, ban you from the chat.

    Even if you do not require any help, just pop along and enjoy conversations with the Freedom! team, we promise we won't bite. To watch the stream, just go to the Freedom! Central channel during the time stated above.



    Enter the giveaway for FREE!

    Time is slowly ticking for you, the Freedom! Family, to enter our free giveaway! We cannot wait to give out these prizes to you lot and we hope that everyone enters for the chance.

    There is nothing special you need to do this month, all you have to do is answer a survey that we have created, give us a follow on the official social media, tweet the giveaway to others on Twitter (obviously, you can't tweet on Facebook) and send us a GIF on the original post on the forums (optional)

    Once you have done that, you are ready to win, just wait until the 5th of December to find out who wins our free prizes. The actual giveaway ends on the 30th of November so make sure your entries are made before that, otherwise they will not count.

    Anyway, let me show you some of the best GIFs I have seen from this giveaway so far.




    Even if your GIF is not up here, don't worry, these were optional and it is something just to have a laugh about. Join the giveaway and have some fun!


    Spotlight of the Week!


    'I shall see if I can't get this mentioned in this weeks FFF for you' - Oh you sure did, cheers Zeke.

    We, including Papa George all enjoy it when people grow together in collaboration or partnership. This is a prime example of one of these situations. In the name of content and generosity, @Louisse Subido is allowing you to send your own video for him to review, in a video type format. I previously tried this, it does work however it can take a lot of time if requests really pile up (I promise, one day I will get to those community reviews that have piled up.)

    If you have a video that you want reviewed, as well as have your channel spotlighted in a video of someone else's, then go to the original thread here and send them in. Please note that when you post links in the forums, they will not immediately be sent to the recipient, we have to confirm these are forums-acceptable before the post will be made.

    So that's it for another week, both the Member of the Month vote and the giveaway have limited time left before they close. Don't miss your chance so please have your say before it is too late. Enjoy your week and we will return next on Black Friday!


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