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Official Let your ideas be heard! July Forum Contest

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Koala_Steamed, Jul 12, 2017.


Do you have ideas that you want heard?

  1. Yes, lots of them

    17 vote(s)
  2. Nope, none that I can think of right now

    6 vote(s)
  1. Koala_Steamed

    Koala_Steamed Administrator Administrator Community Team!

    Jun 1, 2014
    Likes Received:
    June Contest Winners

    Hey Freedom! partners, Congrats to our June contest winners! Entries can be found Here

    1st place @GlowingDude Winning $50 worth of steam games

    2nd place @MasterWolffie Winning $30 worth of steam games

    3rd place @Jorge Martins Winning $20 worth of steam games

    July Freedom! Ideas Contest
    Details for the contest
    We want you, the content creators to let the Freedom! management know your best ideas to be implemented into the Freedom! network to help the most partners possible.

      • The ideas must be realistic. (Nothing like give us all 4k DSLRs!!)
      • It must apply to most types of YouTubers.
      • It must be actionable (step 1, step 2)
      • It must not be some form of give away.
    Workable examples:

      • Create a tool that gives you the channel link of a random Freedom partner!
      • Create a way for us to post to Freedom channels!
      • Help us meet each other on the forums!
      • List challenge videos in the dashboard for us to do with each other!
      • Find more sponsorships that most or all of us can use!
    I think management could use some of those ideas that our partners would come up with.
    Plus it might make people think about how difficult of a problem that really is.

    The contest will be judged on:
    • How much it would overall help the Freedom! partners
    • Viability (should be something that is possible)


    To qualify for this contest, make sure you follow these:

    • Must be a Freedom partner and have the Purple Freedom! Partner Badge to be eligible for the prizes.
    • Reply to this thread with your written answer.
    1st $50 worth of steam game keys
    2nd $30 worth of steam game keys
    3rd $20 worth of steam game keys

    The forum team look forward to your entries. Best of luck to everyone!
    Deadline for the contest is the 31st of July, results posted around the 5th of August.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  2. Johnsoulsreaper

    Johnsoulsreaper New Partner Freedom! Partner

    Jul 6, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Here is my idea! What if Freedom was able to provide access to recording softwares like Bandicam or Fraps? Those 2 are 2 of the best recording softwares out there, my preference is Bandicam, and it is amazing to use. Its also very simple, I can even help you set it up! If anyone uses it, or recommends it, I'm here to help! But my official idea is access to Bandicam, how do you make a video of gameplay, or anything on your PC, without a recorder? You can't. Bandicam is my personal answer to getting started in the gameplay world, and or tutorial world.
  3. LW001

    LW001 Forum nerd Beta Freedom! Partner

    Apr 2, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Oh My God. You remember when the FCC accepted comments by people and got flooded with ton of comments? Guess Freedom! finally takes people's stuff. Also a way for me to perfectly address some things. Take a deep breath, hold it because there will be a ton in this post to go over (also pls dont forget to breathe)

    Where do I start with this.
    Firstly, I would like to petition the concept of INTERNATIONALIZATION again. It is a problem I believe to be one of the biggest marketing hickups in Freedom!. Why do I care about this? Because it is such an easy thing to address! Currently the translations for German (I can only speak for german at the moment) are pathetic. You have a Network laid out for international Partners, have built this from the ground up and now you make a language selector with the most half-assed translations you could come up with. Sorry for the language and stuff here though I don't understand this. You have Nerds like me at your disposal who would be more than happy to translate this stuff. Personally I don't want to ride a dead horse on this topic only as I have already talked to the Head of International Markets who mythically disappeared from my Inbox after redirecting me to Head of Support [;-;] though that is not an issue for the Forums (I also hope everything is well for him)

    Secondly let's talk about Community in Freedom!, shall we?
    Complaining about the community you are most active in, hell yeah
    I mostly want to point out the Distribution of the Community, which is terrible for a Community Network like Freedom!.

    So I was going to go to Excel and make a beautiful graph of where people in the Community are though I would like to sleep today so you get a less good-looking version.
    |=====---------------| People active on the Forums
    |=-------------------| People actively talking to others on Discord
    |--------------------| People using Discord to get help
    |======--------------| People getting onto Discord to post videos and leave again
    |==========----------| People who have no idea that they are in Freedom! at all lul
    |===============-----| People running to Support and Twitter trying to get answers to the most basic questions
    |==============------| People that are in the Network but don't know about / want to interact with the Community
    I am fully aware this is made overly dramatic though TL;DR many people don't interact with the community at all. Now there is no way to healthily promote a Community to flourish (and one person who is reading this and who will agree on this for something else can sing a song about that) though there are a few things to do better:
    • Feature the Discord server and the Forums more
      So many people have no idea that there are the Forums and that there's a Discord Server in the slightest! Feature that stuff on Freedom! Central or Twitter or whatever, just show them some love!
    • Fixing the Dumping ground with self promotion (Thread here, courtesy of Showcase One)
    • Reach out to the Community
      This one is one I would really like to see from Freedom! too, it's one of these tiny tiiny details that would help the Network a lot. Just send out something to new Partners or to people every now and then giving them a contact to talk to regarding problems. Want an example? Take it away from Bugsnag:
      This is a tiny E-Mail telling people that there is a place to help them at. Just letting them know somebody's there to help would greatly improve Customer interaction...
    Okay now that I've rambled on about Marketing issues I could not care less about honestly let's get to Freedom! Central. Yes Freedom! does have a YouTube channel. Wait you didn't know? Oh yeah welcome to the majority of people.

    Make Freedom! Central more interesting. Let more people do Shows, Livestreams, maybe do some Community Shoutouts and stuff! I've heard of shows getting cancelled from it and seen the channel dying out for long periods of time. And then you return with advice that sou should regularly upload to your channel??
    Just orientate the channel more towards Community than towards what many people see as 3-4 people sitting in front of a camera making marketing campaigns...

    Get rid of shoutouts of every promotion thread, these are the most threads to break rules as well ;-;
    Also it makes the chat look like a dumping ground... Oh

    Also, Freedom account SSO for the forums, you have the software for it. It makes sense.

    Next, make heartbeat open source so people can contribute to it

    Stop starting dead projects (Pirates game, age game, etc) that start with hype and then detail into nothing happening with them (re translation thread from months ago nobody got contacted for)

    So yeah garbage out of the way I hope I was able to bring up some stuff and didn't forget too much.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017 at 12:05 PM
  4. Dev_J

    Dev_J "You don't know me...but you will" Beta Beta Freedom! Partner

    Feb 1, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Well…I propose Freedom fixes itself up before making new features. This feels like a great opportunity to give my two cents on the Freedom community and how interaction could be improved alot. @LW001 covered some good points on his post too, but I’m also gonna cover smaller problems and unprofessional things I see made by Freedom that should be changed.

    This is gonna be a long post, fair warning.

    I’m gonna start with the Freedom Dashboard

    Problem: Well…its needs work, half the pages only open to half width pages, some things are REALLY OLD ($20,000 Car Giveaway is still there), other things are just outright broken. This really need a fresh start in my opinion.

    Fix: Something like this maybe? (MCN Management Platform | ScaleLab). Its clean, simple and modern. The layout would still be similar to help those who used the old dashboard and overall it’d make the network look a lot better to newcomers.

    Now on the The Freedom Central Youtube Channel

    Problem: I’ve been watching this channel for a while and I’m seeing trends when it comes to who the channel features and the style of content they make there. What I’ve come to notice is that only the larger channels in Freedom seem to get spotlighted, featured or shouted-out in these videos. A good example would be a video that on the C.R.I.B from 2 months back

    In this video, firstly there is literally no background to the video at all, just a blue wall, not very interesting. Maybe try actually making sets? Even a few shelves filled with stuff in a corner would do. Anyway, he only shows stuff made IN HOUSE at FREEDOM!!!!! showing nothing that other have made at all. A week earlier a similar thing happened

    This video showcases a higher subscribed channel and the little to no work that was put into his C.R.I.B resources when it was first launched (he has done nothing on the C.R.I.B since then really).


    I’m gonna quote Anthony on what he says in the video. “Treat studios has been posting assets to the C.R.I.B (or collaborative, resource & idea board) here on the freedom forums for quite some time and I wanted to give them their own segment their own shoutout because they have contributed a lot”. If you know me at all on the forums you know how much more I’ve put into the C.R.I.B and the time and effort I’ve put into the resource pages. A commenter on this video sums up my opinion there and there.


    Mainly the “dumped their assets there, nothing else”. Sums up what they did on the forums, yet they get a shoutout, full video and dashboard page?

    Enough of the rambling on. The other problems I have with the channel. THUMBNAILS!!! there SO BAD! Like really bad. This is mainly focused on Geroge’s content (soz George), but your thumbnails are as bad as a kid starting on YT thinking his stretched minecraft thumbnail will get his 1 Million views. A good example would be this:

    Can’t even remove white from the background on this face? Even I could make better thumbnails that him given like 5 mins. I'd expect something like this at least:
    Compared to these examples:


    Fix: Well for the content itself, make it more engaging, encourage involvement & have more shows. Back in the day there was impulse and stuff like that, where did it go? Freedom! Looked so much more appealing back in those days, its one of the reasons I joined Freedom! Come on Make Freedom Central great again. Hire someone to do the GFX & Thumbnails for the channel if you can’t do it yourself to a high standard. Give shoutouts and do R4U as videos as well as livestream to allow people who live it awkward timezone (such as yours truly in the UK) to be able to see them and not have to stay up till 1 AM just to get a review. Shout-out the smaller channels when they do great content & produce a well edited / funny video e.t.c I think you get the idea.

    Well glad that bits over, No where near done yet :(

    Now onto probably my biggest point The community forums

    Point #1: New members, simply put they have no idea what to do 90% of the time and ask really simple questions that have been answered thousands of times.

    Fix (suggestion): Use a xenforo addon which I think is called “welcome new user” (Welcome New Users) which sends a customize message to new users when they make their account, this message could have useful links to the F.A.Q & Support area’s as well as suggest to them to introduce themselves & engage in active discussions. Its really easy to setup and is a great way to help new members get around

    Point #2 (Wiki): Its looks SO BAD!!!!, seriously, I could do better than that with Xenforo’s page option from the node tree. Its basically a mess of text.

    Fix: If you want a good example of a well layout out and managed Wiki the Spigotmc forums once again has gone a great job (Wiki Index | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft) It also allow members to contribute to it, something I’m sure people like @LW001 & myself would certainly do (along with many other active members).

    Addon they use ([8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) PRO)

    Example of what the Wiki front page could look like: Wiki Index | Dev_J's Forum

    Point #3 (CRD Store): simply as is doesn’t give much back to the users who are active, neither has it done any good to the GFX users (myself & @Mr Price) who used it as a form of payment and have lost all the work on the change with currently no compensation at all. It also remove purchased things from the old system which we worked towards :(. I've even gone and changed my GFX Services to have higher prices and a Real world currency option just to make it worth my time.

    Fix: Add more features for users to get in the store (feature resources, feature media, add stuff to wiki for CRD? (mod reviewed)) just a few suggestion there, as well as maybe CRD to real world currency (I know that was turned down due to forum spam but it would be nice to get a full reward for being an active member even if the payout CRD amount was high (like 1K CRD = $5) its still a good goal for people to reach).

    Point #4 (C.R.I.B): while I’ve personally posted a lot in the C.R.I.B and it has gotten better since I pointed out its flaws a few months back it needs some love still.

    Fix: Mainly promotion is the problem, like no-one goes there, I haven’t made anything new recently cause I’ve been focused on getting ready for University (rather a big thing). But still, its had like no promotion and the only way to get to it outside the forum tabs is in a under a page in the dashboard. Maybe have the resource get promoted on the #FreedomFamily twitter when posted and actively share like top 5’s for resources e.t.c. It might encourage more people to use it and make their own GFX to post there as they may get a shoutout. Also the sudden removal of gameplay was a bad move, Gameplay posted in the C.R.I.B was for others to use, it doesn’t belong in the Media section at all.

    Also more sub categories, the one thing I mentioned in my last C.R.I.B problems post that didn’t happen. It needs to happen to allow for people to narrow down GFX templates to what they are looking for. Maybe base it on channel aimed at; Gaming channel, Life / vlog channel, Music channel e.t.c. (IT CAN BE DONE WITHOUT DELETING RESOURCES) I know from a mini forum setup I'm working on in my spare time, admins can change resource categories, just make 1 category and dump them all there for a bit while you add the new categories (just make the category no able to have any file type at all to make it a un-selectable place). Then once done put them all in the categories made. Simples :)

    Example of what it would look like once edits are done: Resources | Dev_J's Forum

    Point #5 (Media Section): I feel this is gonna turn into promote yourself 2.0 unless a fair few things are done to it.

    • Layout, have trending content, larger media page, allow playlists and bulk content e.t.c.​
    • Have a forum that can’t be posted on from anywhere but from the media section for promotion and get rid of the old promote yourself section.​
    • More Categories for partners, a lot more, here’s some to get you started (music, art, gaming, vlog, lifestyle, beauty, comedy, film, reviews, tech, list).​
    • Make it so people can’t post media until they have say 30 posts & freedom Partner Badge.​
    • Keep charging credits per media post​
    • Comments on media SHOULD count as a normal forum post (currently doesn’t)​
    • Widget to have media show on the sidebar (near bottom maybe) (Widget for RecentMedia of [8wayRun.Com] XenMedio (Media) Add-on on WidgetFramework)​
    A good example of a media section working well (Media Library | 8WAYRUN)

    Idea’s #6 (Forum Misc): just a few minor things that I think should be altered;
    • Beta forum gets no response from Admin’s saying that they’ve seen our comments​
    • Beta forum should be used more to pass plans over active members so they can get an idea whether or not to go ahead with the changes or to go about it in a different way (We can help you with suggestions if you give us the chance to).​
    • Forum contest only giving games away (give the user the choice of games to that price point) or for non gamers / people who want it offer money again (maybe based on entries received, say; 5-10 = $15 10-15 = $20 15-20 $25 e.t.c or something like that).​
    Well I think that covers most of my problems with Freedom! Man that’s a lot of words. I’ll still be with Freedom! For another year as I have my channel active for another year, after that I may consider changing network if I don’t see a vast change in the network to improve.

    Fianlly DONE!....................man that took a while to write.

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017 at 10:16 AM
  5. CommonFamilySurvival

    CommonFamilySurvival Rising Partner Freedom! Partner

    May 14, 2017
    Likes Received:
    1. A Freedom Partner list categorized by Channel content to make it easier to connect for non gaming creators.
    2. A Freedom partners store not asking for free stuff just maybe bulk discounted items like, camera's,mics,lighting for vlog's...etc
    3. A Freedom store would also open the option for forum prizes and partner sponsorships with maybe a discount in the store,10% off to 50% off...etc
    4. More non gaming sponsors (not more music) other stuff please....ANYTHING!
    Showcase One likes this.
  6. MasterWolffie

    MasterWolffie Respected Partner Freedom! Partner

    May 28, 2014
    Likes Received:
    How do i received my prize and thank you all :D
  7. Dev_J

    Dev_J "You don't know me...but you will" Beta Beta Freedom! Partner

    Feb 1, 2016
    Likes Received:

    You'll get a Pm in the near future with your prize.​
  8. MasterWolffie

    MasterWolffie Respected Partner Freedom! Partner

    May 28, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Oh you dont get to pick it lol
  9. Dev_J

    Dev_J "You don't know me...but you will" Beta Beta Freedom! Partner

    Feb 1, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Nope, its chosen for you.​
  10. zeke morgan

    zeke morgan Moderator Moderator Community Team! Freedom! Partner

    Dec 8, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Some very good suggestions so far especially by @LW001 and @Dev_J . Keep these coming everyone.
  11. TwilightPrinze

    TwilightPrinze The Flying Dutchman Community Team! Beta Freedom! Partner

    Nov 13, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Many people have asked for the return of TubeBuddy or something similar, maybe it is an idea to get this back up? :)
    OnlyUltimate likes this.
  12. Showcase One

    Showcase One Beta Testers Beta Freedom! Partner

    Jan 12, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Hello Freedom,
    It's been awhile since I've been in one of these contests but I figured if I'm going to enter one, I may aswell go all out rather then enter every contest and go half hearted. SO... Message the admins of reddit, aim a flamethrower at koalas tree, fix the hole In the rowboat, make some brittish crumpets, message the lockSMITH go crazy with lawrence and nerd out in no mans network because Today I bring to you an idea that's been sparked by a need for community, family, communication and collaboration. Most importantly, the problems creators are facing in this ever growing online platform and the struggles with trying to expand audiences and find new creators.

    Collaboration plays a key role in the building of brands, audiences and networking on youtube (No I'm not suggesting we grab cat6 cables and lay them in every youtubers home). Collaboration brings the potential for better content, a wider audience and increased outreach within the YouTube community. Even collaborations as simple as offering advice to one another can prove to have a large impact on the creators from both parties.

    Finding a good collaboration isn't always easy, you have to find someone who makes the same type of content or shares the same interests, has a good reputation and is trustworthy but also is able to access the various services you may need for the collaboration.

    While you can go and do a YouTube search and find similar channels or go to some shady sub-reddit you're never going to find the perfect person, especially considering how vast and large the YouTube community is. Freedom has such a great network with wonderful men and women but the current resources and tools provided to collaborate aren't efficient enough to meet the standards and demands of the ever growing creator community.

    I would like to shape a new platform, a new way for creators to collaborate and communicate easier. A way for creators to find the perfect collab partners, track the collaboration projects, communicate with teammates and know that they are in a safe and trustworthy environment.

    Introducing a new collaboration platform code named: Project Collab. A new way to collaborate. Project Collab will allow creators to hold successful collaborations without worrying about the technical side of things. It will offer a place for creators to find other creators with similar content, a place where creators can post projects/collab requests and have like minded creatives join them to create amazing content. Project Collab will offer the tools and services that creators need to collaborate all in one location, from project tracking to a team chat.

    The premise is simple, creators will sign in with their freedom accounts or YouTube accounts and be asked to fill out a profile/portfolio with info such as, content type, keywords, previous videos, topics and more. From there, they will beable to post an idea for a collab (a project) or they can find existing projects to join. Once in a project creators will beable to chat with other team members through a inbuilt chat system, they will also beable to post project updates and to do lists. Everything you need to work on a collaboration will be in one simple and convenient place. Expanding on this idea, services such as Google drive and Dropbox may also beable to be integrated to allow file sharing. Once a collaboration is complete the project will be set as completed and the final result (the finished video in this case) will be put on the main project page. The project owner will also beable to rate the performance and trustworthiness of each member through a star or scale system which is displayed on the profile.

    There will be many ways for creators to find the right projects for them. These include related projects, suggested projects, search, browse by category and through a friends list. Collaborations may be suggested to the user through the use of algorithms which take the previous projects and the creators profile info and suggest projects which suit their content.

    Here is an outline of the features that may be implemented:
    • Advanced user profiles (info about channel, content types, keywords, most popular videos and description)
    • Reputation system (to help find trustworthy creators to collab with.
    • Friend/follow system (keep track of what your followed creators are working on)
    • Activity feed (post updates to the whole platform such as new videos, upcoming project ideas and pictures)
    • Per project basis for collabs (collabs will be done on a per project basis, when there is a new idea for a video the main creator will make a new project)
    • Team chat and platform chat (a chat system will be implemented to allow chat with members of the team but also may be implemented at a public level so all members of the website can chat)
    • File sharing (possible implementation of Dropbox and Google drive within the platform to allow organisation, uploading and sharing of files)
    • Auto Match/Recommendations (recommend similar users and projects)
    • If this opens to the public rather than just freedom partners there can be an exclusive freedom section with freedom features.
    • And lots more!

    This project can make use of Content Management systems such as Wordpress and Drupal for the majority and softwares such as comet chat for the communications. Wordpress is a great CMS which was made with blogging in mind however can easily be adapted through a library of thousands of plugins to enable advanced functionality. Most of what is explained in this brief can be achieved through the buddypress plugin in Wordpress, the buddypress groups system can be used for projects, the user's system can be used for user profiles and the activity system can be used for a platform wide activity feed and user activity feed. Not only is it easy to extend Wordpress with plugins but themes are also easy to develop. For the authentication you can easily override Wordpress endpoints and implement OAUTH, SAML and LDAP authentication (I have done this many times).


    Below I have attached some mockups of what the site could look like:

    Signed Out:
    Home - Signed Out.png
    Login (to be replaced with different Auth):
    Homepage when signed in (dash):
    Home - Dashboard.png
    All Projects (my projects):
    Home - ALL MY PROJECTS.png
    Home - Browse.png
    Browse projects (Collabs):
    Home - Browse Projects.png
    Browse users:
    Home - Browse Users.png
    Project page (collab dashboard):
    Home - Project Page.png
    User Profile:
    Home - Profile Page.png

    What I have discussed so far is only the beginning. There are many more opportunities to expand from taking the concept and systems and altering it to suit requests for GFX and VFX (projects can be each request) to having a channel review. For a website like this I believe it should be open to everyone but have special features or early access for freedom partners.

    I'd like to finish off by letting you know that if I don't get freedoms support for this I'll definitely make my own version in the future.
    I believe it has the potential to be a great tool and I hope you see that potential aswell!

    Thanks for reading this!
    TLDR, over and out!

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
    Koala_Steamed and zeke morgan like this.
  13. LW001

    LW001 Forum nerd Beta Freedom! Partner

    Apr 2, 2016
    Likes Received:
    mfw you edit your entry all the time for another idea

    Also we've had some strong entries, this will be an intense one
  14. OnlyUltimate

    OnlyUltimate Well-Known Partner Freedom! Partner

    Mar 6, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I owe my 5k subs to Tubebuddy, wouldn't have done it without them!
    TwilightPrinze likes this.
  15. TwilightPrinze

    TwilightPrinze The Flying Dutchman Community Team! Beta Freedom! Partner

    Nov 13, 2014
    Likes Received:
    The more the reason we need it ^^

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