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Newsletter Here's How the #FreedomFamily Didn't Give Up!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Ashley SilverDust, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Ashley SilverDust

    Ashley SilverDust Community Team Community Team! Freedom! Member

    Feb 14, 2015
    Forum Posts:
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    Hello, everybody! I'm back, on behalf of the Community Team, with your newsletter for March 2018. This year started with many changes that for the average person might stop them, but this community isn't average - we never give up! Let's see how everyone marched on last month. :)


    Contests & Giveaways Bring You Together!
    Hopefully last month you noticed the #FreedomCRIBfest and it at least got you thinking more about how to utilize the Collaborative Resource & Idea Board here on the forums. Whether you're uploading resources to CRIB or pointing other members to the assets that others have shared, thank you for helping the community. Remember, you don't need a fest to use CRIB, please continue to utilize this helpful feature of the forums. Big congratulations to March's contest winner, whom you can see announced at the start of the thread for April's contest. Want some extra entries in the new giveaway? Check out and try the first official Freedom! Facebook photo frame >> here << and submit the link to your freshly framed photo in the #FreedomAprilGiveaway to get 5 extra entries! Hope to see plenty of you participating.

    Tune in on social media to stay updated on contests, giveaways, and much more. Freedom! are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, there's an FB Group! Don't forget about #ContentFriday on Twitter, where every week there's a thread of creators like you sharing your latest creations. Remember to use #FreedomFamily and #mcnfreedom everywhere anytime you're posting your content too so we can see it. :)


    Freedom! Forums Help You Keep Growing!
    There has been so many awesome things happening on these forums. To keep up with it on a weekly basis, I hope you're reading FFF regularly. For our rendition of a forums wrap up here, I'd like to first and foremost give a huge shoutout to SparktheYoshi - the Member of the Month for March! Thank you for making a difference. (y) (Y)

    Next up, I'd like to direct your attention to the updated Credits FAQ thread where you can see all credit earning actions listed for you. Also, there's now a 5 credit daily reward for viewing the forums. After all, you deserve it, so keep visiting daily - and roll in the credits.

    Another great thread in March by @Koala_Steamed is the one that shows how Google Search Analytics have an impact when you're adding tags (as you should!) to your forums posts. The thread is FULL of information, I highly recommend checking this out, and using the information to help you reach more people when you're posting.

    Speaking of Koala being awesome, lol, did you notice the fun little credit lottery that he started in March? No?! This is why you should be here everyday! Get in on this! www.community.tm/threads/koala-credit-lottery

    Lastly for our forums section this month, but certainly not least, let's talk about Crypto! First, did you know there is an entire section of the forums dedicated to discussing Crypto?! Click >> here << to see ALL the threads and dive into the conversations yourself! Later in this newsletter you can get all the updates about Crypto Family by catching up on all the episodes of The George Show from March. There is one in particular that I know taught us SO much about the process of Zcash becoming USD cash for the Freedom! Family. Fascinating stuff, really. What do you think of how Crypto is going for our community so far? Are you mining? Reply below and let us know. :cool:


    Collaborate & Never Give Up Together!

    March was a great month to get collaborating more. George made a video this month about the collab project that CT member @IBYM GAMING has been running, and the responses have been amazing! Check out the video!

    There have been a lot more people filling in their collab profile, meaning there are now more matches for more channels. The above video talks about the process, and emphasizes why it is important to fill out your form well - to get the best matches we can offer. After you've received matches, you will be contacted again and asked to
    provide feedback about your experience using the collab service. Your legit feedback will earn you 30 shiny forum credits too! You might also be asked to provide examples of successful collabs that happened as a result, and there's a chance your content could be featured in Newsletters and/or even on Freedom! Central in the future.

    Now, here's @Proud to be fruit with his video from March, he has some great advice about how to properly ask for collaborations.

    ... and of course, you can also see Lime responding to comments in his follow-up video >> here << and find out if he answered you. I think this collaboration theme was perfect for March. It was good to remind everyone that collabs help you grow together.


    Never Give Up with Discord!

    Freedom's Discord has changed into the new format with new roles and channels that better suit the Freedom! partner and it's users including those aspiring to become a Freedom! Partner. As a result of these needed changes, the team can now work on even more benefits for every member in the Discord. :D

    This month will be the month where users of the discord will be able to download and use a few highly requested graphics that you the Freedom! family can use in your videos Free of charge! These graphics will be aimed for thumbnails, overlays, end cards and stream overlays.

    Remember to visit "aspiring-partners-asset-packs" or "freedom-partner-asset-packs" in the server to vote on next months graphics! Haven't joined yet? Get in the discord server:


    YouTube Didn't Give Up Either!

    Let's see what we have from the Official YT blogs from March...

    YouTube Studio: Better Insights, New Metrics & Faster Access to News
    What we knew before as Creator Studio has been making the official transition to the new YouTube Studio for several weeks now. With it, come three new metrics to help us understand how our videos are doing. They are Impressions, Impression click-through rate, and Unique Viewers. Each is explained in depth in the article linked below. Understanding the tools you have helps you grow!

    Making It Easier to Go Live
    You can now go to youtube.com/webcam or simply click "Go live" on YT's header and start a stream, no encoder needed. It's easier than ever to sit and have a face-to-face heart-to-heart with your audience.

    Introducing: YouTube Space Dubai
    The YT community now has a YouTube Space at Dubai Studio City! This is the 10th YouTube Space built, and has something for everyone with requirements as low as 1,000 subscribers for workshops and events to 10,000 subs for using the equipment.


    George has been quite active with episodes of The George Show in recent months, so if you have fallen behind, you're in luck - here are his videos from March. Enjoy!

    ★ More unlinking - 0% tax in Dubai - First crypto farm!
    George is back from Dubai, YouTube created another round of channel unlinks, George will create "The George Show" company, and a look at the crypto farm!

    ★ 1,000 GTX 1080 Ti GPUs! - AMD support in Crypto Miner 0.1.8
    1,000 GPUs coming to Freedom! (GTX 1080 Ti 11gb RAM) and the Crypto Miner 0.1.8 now supports AMD GPUs running in your computers!

    ★ $2 million paid to you - 1,000 GTX 1080 Ti update - MSI films at Freedom! - 1 million subscribers
    $2 Mil USD paid to Freedom! Family for Feb. earnings, MSI films at F! HQ their Top 5 Gaming Laptops review video (featured at end of this vid), update on the 1,000 GPUs, and 1 mil subs achieved by Bijuu Mike!

    ★ Starting my new company!

    George officially begins incorporating his new company - The George Show FZC - in a 0% tax jurisdiction!

    ★ Paying you crypto in cash!

    See all the steps converting crypto to cash to pay you your Crypto Miner earnings!

    ★ Edit your video in-place - No reupload!

    YouTube lets you cut out parts of your video WITHOUT reuploading, as George shows.

    ★ First payday coming! - Even if you leave Freedom!

    Next week we will pay all of you $1,500,000 USD plus the first Crypto Miner payment! And if you leave Freedom!, you will get paid up to the last second you were partnered with us.

    ★ New "The George Show" behind the scenes - My recording setup with a 4K camera!

    George's new recording setup with a 4K JVC camera, Blue Yeti condenser microphone and a proper green screen!

    ★ $1.6 million USD paid to you! - Crypto Miner earnings also paid - New rock music for you

    March earnings, new clips of the crypto farm, considering electricity costs, a channel gets help being recovered after wrongful termination, and we find out where George is headed to in April and why. Plus, new rock music and more from Music Factory!

    Thanks for reading!
    From the Freedom! Community Team to the entire Freedom! family, we look forward to seeing you around in the community. Best wishes for all of your endeavors and take care. Also, never give up!
  2. ItsJustJord

    ItsJustJord Administrator Administrator Community Team! Verified Freedom! Partner Freedom! Member

    Feb 5, 2016
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    Awesome edition Ashley, thanks for keeping us up to date! :D I would say this community is different, to say the least xD
    Ashley SilverDust likes this.
  3. Koala_Steamed

    Koala_Steamed Administrator Administrator

    Jun 1, 2014
    Forum Posts:
    Likes Received:
    A lot going on this month, great newsletter!
    Ashley SilverDust likes this.
  4. Somali - Entertainment

    Somali - Entertainment Rising User Freedom! Member

    Sep 22, 2016
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  5. Suanrandom

    Suanrandom New User

    Apr 13, 2018
    Forum Posts:
    Likes Received:
    Wow that is a lot of work
    : You go girl!! $M$
  6. Robert Clark

    Robert Clark Rising User Freedom! Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    Forum Posts:
    Likes Received:
    I can't wait to see what is next?

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