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Request Gaming YouTuber from Finland asking some advice

Discussion in 'Community Reviews' started by General Taggart, Jun 14, 2018.


Do you read the subtitles for foreign language videos, or just skip them?

  1. I read them

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  2. I read, if the content is interesting

  3. I skip them

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  4. I skip them, even the content is interesting

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  1. General Taggart

    General Taggart Rising User Freedom! Member

    Jul 27, 2015
    Forum Posts:
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    Hello. I am 41 year old gaming YouTuber from Finland. Being YouTuber from 2013 and always doing gaming related content for my channel.

    Older videos are mostly bad, but still keeping them on my channel for my own amusement and for views of course. Many time I have do some battle with me about, is it better to abandon this channel and try again with other channel, or what do I do my old content.

    But hope to hear what you think about my current content from 2017 to current date and what to do and what not? Also want to hear you opinion about English subtitles vs talking bad english.

    I currently do most of my YouTube videos with English YouTube subtitles, but don't know if they help at all. I speak Finnish on my videos, so if you wonder what are you hearing :D


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