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Request Can you review my channel

Discussion in 'Community Reviews' started by Paul Fairbridge, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Paul Fairbridge

    Paul Fairbridge Respected User Freedom! Member

    Sep 20, 2014
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    Hi I had this channel a while ago but I decided to remove 90 % of the videos keep the good ones and start making content again.
    Ranging from gaming/commentary videos
    Doing vines
    And daft silly video like I have done in the past
    Doe anyone got any ideas what else I can do and do u like my channel so far
    Thank you
  2. SparktheYoshi

    SparktheYoshi Respected User Freedom! Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Forum Posts:
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    Good banner, firstly! Though, you might wanna make the center text pop a bit, it blends in a bit too much for my tastes and if I was like tired or distracted, I'd think it'd be hard to notice.

    Also, keep an at least semi-regular upload schedule, which can help you a lot. A maximum of week gaps between videos though two weeks can be stretched if you put effort and/or release +2 videos a week. I find it helps me a lot better if I don't stress about constant production nonstop, i.e, working my ass off to the bone just to output five videos a week for each day and I'm finding it's a lot easier just to not really worry about it and that...absences are okay, provided you suddenly pop up with content or provide explanations for absences. Content creators are human, so it's okay to get burn out or to find your production is slower one week than another.

    Though, I would suggest keeping copyrighted content like movie trailers off of your channel. That seems like an easy way to get a content-ID on your channel and or a copyright strike...and boy are those industries copyright strike happy. Also, you should try making better thumbnails. Your videos have like none at all and it doesn't make them appealing at all. With thumbnails, you want your videos to pop and catch someone's attention even from a passing screen-scan glance.
  3. KnightHunter Studios

    KnightHunter Studios Creating films since 2011 Freedom! Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    Forum Posts:
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    This is a solid channel in terms of its appearance. The banner is of a particularly unique style, which helps it stand out from the rest, and, of course, the type of content you put out is different! However, for an area to improve, maybe create a new logo that fits the style of your channel a bit better; something similar to the type of channel it is? Also, perhaps think about including any social media links for people to follow you on in order to get more of an audience retention/ability to build up a new audience of viewers? Just little things that could help boost the viewership on the channel!
    Otherwise, solid work! Keep it up!

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