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    Opinion PUBG or Fortnite

    Personally i dislike the building aspect from Fortnite so i would choose PUGB. But in all honesty i don't like BR games :p
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    Gaming EA or Ubisoft?

    For me that would be Ubisoft. They have delivered some great games and am a huge fan of their AC series ^^
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    Gaming Somethinng Better Than Fortnite

    Depends for what system you are looking a new game and what genre do you prefer?
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    Subscriber Milestone 2,500 Subscribers + 400,000 Total Views!

    Slowly? Your gaining some amazing growth! I still remember when you just joined and compared to then you have made big steps! Keep this up :D
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    Opinion more then one facebook page?

    Personally i would use one page to get your brand out there, i mostly post the video along with the full description to make good use of hash tags. So far noticing that a FB Page a hasn't helped me much further though but regardless it is worth it to keep going :)
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    Gaming new member just starting up

    Welcome to the Community :) Many people around here play CsGo wich opens the possibilities for collaboration wich can help you further with growth ;)
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    Gaming LambeauGames

    Welcome to the Community :) The forums is a great place to network with fellow content creators and get your name out there so he sure to socialize around here ;)
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    Gaming New gaming channel!

    Welcome to the Community :) If you play CSGo then maybe you can collaborate with other players here on the forums? ;)
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    YouTube Can't remove copyrighted song with too many views???

    Can't you overwrite the music with the YouTube editor or remove it with their editor?
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    YouTube should i have a merch store

    It's always worth a try and get your name out there a bit :)
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    Other Milestone 9000 Likes

    Great work! Next stop is 10K!
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    YouTube should i change my thumbnails

    In my opinion there is variety in your thumbnails so i don't see reason for changing :)
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    YouTube should i stop making videos because im unoriginal

    Everyone is original in his own way. YouTube is a tough road with many content creators but due to this challenge it makes it more worth while once you have reached a certain point. If you enjoy making content then don't give up and continue with what you do best :)
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    Gaming Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the Community :) As the Thread genre is gaming, what games do you currently play and on what system?
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    Subscriber Milestone W00T W00T

    Gratz on the 20 subs and keep it up! :)
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    Other Milestone With freedom for over a year

    Great! Gratz to the first Year! :)
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    Gaming Hey there :) I am new here

    Welcome to the Community :) If your looking for a collaboration we have a specific section where you can make a detailed thread on what you want to collaborate with ;)
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    Gaming New Here Need Some Help

    Welcome to the Community :) If your looking for tips on how to grow effectively we have a specific tips and tricks section ;)
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    Solved I have been unlinked

    If you have been unlinked then you should have received an email from Freedom with the reason or what is to be changed to be allowed into the network again. YouTube is forcing Networks to unlink certain channels with questionable content so best is to check your mail if this is the case.