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  1. relic0110

    Comedy 100 Sub special!!!

    Thanks so much for supporting me get to 100 subs and today I got a 100 sub special for you guys! Link:
  2. relic0110

    Community 100 Subs

    Hey everyone! So I recently got 100 subs on youtube! I have an idea what to do for my 100 sub special however I was wondering if there was anything you guys would like me to do like any games or something?
  3. relic0110

    Fun and Games 1 Word story

    Hey guys, today I for a game for us! the game is 1 word story How to play: each player can only post 1 word related to the story above of you. Example: Me: The Player1: dog Player 2: ran Player 3: after Player 4: relic Player 5. . (new sentence) etc Forum rules No double posting...
  4. relic0110

    Gaming New to Freedom!

    Hey everyone! my name is Chad AKA relic0110, I started Youtube in 2015 and I do it for my viewers. I want to make my viewers laugh, I want to entertain my viewers! most games I play I am not very good at but hey its for you guys. Just a reminder to ignore haters, you can always watch a video on...