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Feb 6, 2017
Jan 8, 2017
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New User, from United Kingdom, England.

Westyy was last seen:
Feb 6, 2017
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    United Kingdom, England.
    YouTube Channel ID:
    Hey I'm Brad also known as Westyy, I started Youtube many years ago while still being in school. I don't know how to really say this but, I'm not confident at all, which then lead me to being paranoid as people would play my videos at school etc. Which then that lead me to close the channel and stop completely.

    I've always wanted to do Youtube as I really enjoy it and always will, but through the years I've noticed how it's changed and how it's become much harder to actually get "noticed" or gain subscribers which can lead some people off the idea of doing Youtube.

    Now feeling ready I've created a new channel, under my nickname, Westyy. I went with "Westyy" because it's unique to myself (and a few others), it's also short & very easy to remember. My channel is based off the sport I love known as Formula 1 or F1.

    That is my story & thank you for reading! :)
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