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Stefan Grant
Last Activity:
Dec 15, 2017 at 4:17 AM
Sep 2, 2015
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Stefan Grant


Moderator Staff Member Beta Freedom! Partner
Stefan Grant was last seen:
Dec 15, 2017 at 4:17 AM
    1. GenfordGaming
      Just wanna hear if you want me to help out with the Danish part. As Im Danish I can make this happen fast. If you like my help let me know.
    2. kashlopezpro
      Hey! Im able to translate from English to Spanish for the website for promotion of my channel. Contact me if interested. Thanks!
    3. jevon small
      jevon small
      Good Day stefan I have been with you all for almost 2 years now and at the end of every month i've recieved my money now for the last 2 months now my money has been denied over 200 dollars because im in a paypal zero country but how is this possible when i've been receiving money all this time i would like this rectified are you trying to tell me i wont ever get my money
    4. PokemonBargains
      not to get judged on the wrong thing and when a Moderator is saying that to you for everyone to see it targets you like thats all I'm trying to do nd you shouldn't do that on the chat it doesn't feel like everyone is equal. sorry for bothering you just everyone thinks I'm out for views/subs now because of it
      1. Stefan Grant
        Stefan Grant
        I'm Afraid this is an issue for @41Danny1 I work with dev so can do very little about forum related issues :-(

        Apr 25, 2016
    5. PokemonBargains
      i said why do you think I'm out to get views and subs on the chat an he said iv been asking about what to post and not too post and i just joined literally 29 hours ago and i was trying to understand the rules and
    6. PokemonBargains
      and i got a verbal warning then I'm talking with the members for over a hour and then I'm asking @Nerd about the rules since i don't want to get a verbal warning again because that could affect m chances of going far with my network and then he says this i suggested you not set a goal for views/getting subs and
    7. PokemonBargains
      Hey Stefan i have just joined Freedom and i was on the chat and there is a Mod there called @Nerd and i joined the chat because i was told it was a way that you can interact with the community about your goals and ideas for youtube and i said he and said i just joined and doing so good on my channel and left a picture link showing i almost got 170 views on my video
      1. Nerd
        Hello, please forward this to head of the forums @41Danny1
        Apr 22, 2016
    8. themodof1
      Hey Grant what is a respectable status in freedom
      as far as mods go for?
    9. Merasmus' Minions
      Merasmus' Minions
      Hey Stephan.

      I read your reply to the thread on sponsorship reviews, and saw your team was looking for someone to take over the role of managing the sponsorship review section. I have prior experience working in the gaming news industry, and have had experience in acquiring review codes. If the position is still available, I would very much like to know further details. Thanks!

      -Dan L.
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