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    YouTube Views Milestone Finally reached 5,000 views

    I know this doesn't sound like much to some of you guys but my channel finally reached 5,000 total views. Very slow growth but it is what it is. We just enjoy making family friendly videos.
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    Forums ₡ More things to buy with Credits ₡

    I agree. Games for credits is a great idea. Especially since most Freedom members seem to be gamers.
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    Subscriber Milestone 50+ Subscribers Strong

    Congrats on 50+. That's my current goal. I hope you continue upward towards 100 and beyond.
  4. K

    YouTube Who are your favorite Youtubers and why?

    Definitely Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning. Even as repetitive as some of their episodes are, they still seem to keep me entertained.
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    Official Get COLLABORATING Now! (New Collaboration Project)

    Me too Arif. I'm too much of an introvert and not very social.
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    Off-Topic Need help getting the 1k subs requirement please

    I too am very short on subscribers and watch time. But then again, it's all about enjoying what you're doing. There is a "promote yourself" section in these forums if you haven't checked that out yet.
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    Opinion Why Is It Hard To Get Your First 100 Subscribers??

    Truer words have never been spoken. Numbers come and go. But if you enjoy what you are doing then the numbers don't really matter.
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    Fun and Games NAME TOP 5 BEST..

    1. youtube, social blade, facebook, twitter, espn fantasy football 2. Australia, Paris, Tahiti, New Zealand, Iceland 3. Football, MMA, Basketball
  9. K

    Name A Large Youtube Channel You Watch

    Good Mythical Morning. Every day.
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    Fun and Games Would you rather?

    Both genders but never find the one. Either way you are going to have an unfulfilled life. Would you rather get in a fight with Rebecca Romijn as Mystique or Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique?
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    Opinion Exploring videos on youtube

    We recently got the GoPro Hero4 Silver but haven't had much time to really get some good use out of it. The quality is great and its super tiny. The biggest drawback is sound quality with the case on it.
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    Opinion Exploring videos on youtube

    What kind of camera are you getting? I wish I had more time to really put into making high quality videos with cool angles and shots.