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Last Activity:
Aug 1, 2020 at 5:05 PM
Dec 4, 2013
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Sep 10, 1975 (Age: 44)
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CEO, 44, from Philippines


Helping people understand Managed vs. Affiliated! Dec 23, 2013

George was last seen:
Aug 1, 2020 at 5:05 PM
    1. Row
      Happy birthday, George!
    2. Koala_Steamed
      Happy Birthday to George!
    3. F! Ron
      F! Ron
      Belated Happy Birthday Boss George!
      1. Koala_Steamed likes this.
    4. x9nico_YT
      Happy Birthday
    5. GeeksGoGaming
      Happy birthday George
    6. islahi clips
      islahi clips
      hello george pleaase tell me how i join your freedom network??
    7. 0904498950
    8. Justin TheMrSanity
      Justin TheMrSanity
      Just want to say that this network has gone down hill so hard. No collaboration. The "tools" provided to your people are very insufficient. entry level you take 40% of the 35% that youtube gives us (which leaves us with nothingl) As well when asked about being given a better percentage due to growth since entry. You and your team decide only 5% is sufficient when really isn't considering the growth was substantial.
    9. nabil mekimah
      nabil mekimah
      They did not pay dividends in November
    10. Benzitczo
      Hey, you can make it Freedom! Partner?
    11. Gail Alter
      Gail Alter
      Glad to be part of this family as we all continue to grow! it makes me feel like I have something to connect with and truly be myself!
      Everyone can grow, but its better to do it together. As a family! Thanks! I am so glad you exist George!
    12. Gail Alter
      Gail Alter
      Here to say thanks! I have never been more proud of myself and Freedom! I have gained nearly 250 subs and 5K views and i started my channel 1 week ago! This is not only so cool, but it has boosted my self confidence so much!
    13. Ancient Myth
      Ancient Myth
      Hey George it's been awhile
    14. Rhys fouracre
      Rhys fouracre
      Hey just to say, i am loveing the network and the community within it
      1. Crazylawrence
        I am glad to hear that you are loving Freedom! and the wonderful community.
        Nov 21, 2016
        Rhys fouracre likes this.
    15. RABPOS
      hey ! george i am getting trouble to use it and i cannot understand your activity and dashborard
      can you plz help me to understand and working here
      my money in youtube is just lost and also not showing in freedom dash board revenue
      i am feared about this plz help me
      or help me to out of all your things and delete my account return my money ...?plz
      1. zeke morgan
        zeke morgan
        When you join a new partnership your money on Youtube is rest - you haven't lost it though it just means its held by adsense. From now on all your revenue will be paid by Freedom. If you need further help please don't hesitate to message me and I can talk you through everything :)
        Nov 16, 2016
    16. Korbin
      I hope you are having a good day, and are not stressing out too much @George!
      I know what it can be like sometimes..so keep it up ;)
    17. Unity Gamers
      Unity Gamers
      I'm having problems getting my forum badge I believe I'm putting in the right user name and password and I post on the forums every so often but when I go to collect the badge it says I put in the wrong forum name and/or password!
      1. zeke morgan
        zeke morgan
        Nov 1, 2016
    18. Air_Biscuit123
      Hey George, bit of a stab in the dark here but do you wanna do a collab Minecraft video? I know you are busy and I'm small but would be a good change of pace right? If not do you fancy teaming up and just playing sometime?

      Come on I know you love Minecraft as much as I do :D
      1. Showcase One
        Showcase One
        Hi @Air_Biscuit123 Why dont you post in the collab section. Your sure to find some cool people there.
        Oct 15, 2016
      2. Air_Biscuit123
        I have done twice lol.
        Oct 15, 2016
      3. Showcase One
        Showcase One
        Also try posting in the freedom steam group :)
        Oct 15, 2016
        Air_Biscuit123 likes this.
    19. Mike Mazur
      Mike Mazur
      Hi George .I am new here. Could you tell me something about grow up in Freedom Partnership?
      1. Showcase One
        Showcase One
        Use our resources to your advantage in the right way and raise your production value.
        Oct 15, 2016
        Mike Mazur likes this.
      2. Mike Mazur
        Mike Mazur
        thanks friend but i wrote this a month ago and forget about this post ;-)
        Oct 16, 2016
    20. PageantryNOW
      Hi George! Thank you for the Freedom Network! I am thrilled to become part of the family. I didn't realize you were in the Philippines. Just interviewed Pia Wurtzbach at Miss Teen USA...and yes it is on my Youtube channel...appreciate all you and the staff do
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    Sep 10, 1975 (Age: 44)
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    George Vanous, CEO