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Erdem Alsırt
Last Activity:
Oct 16, 2017
Feb 21, 2017
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Jul 27, 1999 (Age: 20)
Aydın - Didim

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Erdem Alsırt

Rising User, Male, 20, from Aydın - Didim

Freedom! Member

My life is gonna more dangerous when i become 18... Aug 1, 2017

Erdem Alsırt was last seen:
Oct 16, 2017
    1. Erdem Alsırt
      Erdem Alsırt
      My life is gonna more dangerous when i become 18...
    2. Erdem Alsırt
      Erdem Alsırt
      I'm a best turkish content video creator in the Freedom! Family...
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    Jul 27, 1999 (Age: 20)
    Aydın - Didim
    YouTube Channel ID:
    Steam URL:
    My current personal info:

    Name/Lastname: Erdem Alsırt

    Age: 18

    Date of birth: 1999/27 July

    Interests: Gaming, Music, Brony, Furry, Anime, TV Shows, Cartoon,

    Food Challanger etc...

    My available lucky birth skills: Playing piano well without training + Good singer without trainings...




    I'm a best video/content creator in The Freedom! Family...

    So, what i'm using for video editing?

    Video/Audio post production and video editing softwares:
    Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 (Full version but cracked)
    2) Adobe After Effects CC 2017 (Full version but cracked)
    3) Adobe Auditions 2017 (Full version but cracked)
    4) Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (Full version but cracked)
    5) Adobe Media Encoder 2017 (Full version but cracked)
    6) Sony vegas 14 (Full version but cracked)

    Webcam softwares:
    1) Logitech Webcam Software (I'm using this software for H.264 webcam video recording when i'm making videos...)

    Digital Audio Workstation softwares:
    FL Studio 12 (For creating electro remix versions or making my own music!) (Full version but cracked)
    2) Ableton Live 9 Suite (Full version but cracked)
    3) Reaper (X64) (Full version but cracked)
    4) Pro Tools 12 (Full version but cracked)
    5) Cubase LE Al Elements 9 (Full version but cracked)
    6) Cubase 5 (Full version but cracked)
    7) Nuendo 5 (64-Bit) (Full version but cracked)
    8) Melodyne (Full version but cracked)
    9) Audacity (Full version already free software)
    10) Voxal Voice Changer (Full version but cracked)

    VST(s) (Audio effect & Audio processing plugins) for Digital Audio Workstation softwares:
    iZotope Nectar (iZotope, Inc.) (Vocal harmonizer generator for amateur singers)
    2) iZotope Nectar 2 (iZotope, Inc.) (Realistic Vocal harmonizer generator for amateur singers)
    3) BxRockrack V3 Player (Plugin Alliance)

    Livestream softwares:
    Xsplit Broadcaster (Full version but cracked)
    2) Open Broadcaster Software (Full version already free software)

    Recorder softwares:
    Fraps (Full version but cracked)
    2) Bandicam (Full version but cracked)

    Benchmark & System Information softwares:
    CPU-Z (Full version already free software)
    2) Speedfan (Full version already free software)
    3) CineBench R15 (Full version already free software)
    4) HD Tune Pro (Full version but cracked)

    Overclocking softwares:
    Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility (Full version already free software)
    2) ThrottleStop (Full version already free software)

    MIDI player softwares:
    Synthesia 10 (Full version but cracked)
    2) Piano From Above (Full version) (Now this software is free for everyone but outdated)
    3) TMIDI (32 & 64 Bit) (Full version already free software)
    4) Pianofall (Full version already free software)

    MIDI Driver softwares:
    Keppy's Synthesizer (Full version already free software)
    2) CoolSoft Virtual MIDISynth (Full version already free software)

    AntiVirus & System Cleanup softwares:
    Advanced SystemCare 10 (Full version but cracked)
    2) Smart Defrag 5 (Full version but cracked)

    My laptop brand and full info: Toshiba Satellite P50-B-11U

    PC Specs:

    CPU: Intel core i7 4720HQ (4 Core, 8 Thread) (3.6 GHZ but, i can overclock this TurboBoost clock to 3.8 GHZ with BCLK)

    GPU: AMD R9 M265X (Medium settings at GTA V, 40-45 FPS at 1920x1080)

    RAM: 16 GB (DDR3 1600 MHZ)

    Integrated laptop display: 1920x1080 (AH-IPS) (Very dynamic colourfull and also, looks like Super Amoled) (15.6 Inches)

    Integrated laptop webcam: 0.8 Megapixels and standard optics... (Max 720p @30 FPS)

    My new webcam: Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam (1080p @ 30 FPS) (Video probably 8-9 Megapixel, picture quality is 15 Megapixels...)

    My headphone: Logitech G230 Gaming Headset

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: Do you have overheating problem on your current laptop?
    A: Sadly, yes. Because Toshiba never made a good cooling system at inside. That's why i can't make gaming videos so much... And also, Toshiba isn't for gaming but, my current Toshiba's high-end laptop version good at gaming but i have overheating problem so, my CPU can heat with gaming 93C easily at winter... That's not normal probably. When reachs 93C, my CPU works at 1 GHZ or 1.8 GHZ or more worse at summer... This is makes more lower FPS for work... Because games needs CPU + GPU... My graphics card is medium level and good but, this CPU getting much hot and after, unstable GHZ problem.

    Q: What type of videos do you making?
    A: Gaming, Music, VLOG, How to make style, Technical support, Technology etc...

    Q: What's your Steam ID?
    A: My Steam ID is: erdemalsirt

    Q: What's your plan after you are applied by Freedom?
    A: My plan is i'm using Freedom! Partner kits for my channel and videos... And i wanna become the one of best Freedom network's best and #1 popular youtube channel... I wish i get 100K and more!

    Q: Why you not make english videos?
    A: Just because my english grammar isn't best and also, my main language is Turkish.

    Q: What's your minimum video quality?
    A: My minimum video quality is 1080p 30 FPS generally... Seriously i don't like more lower quality than 1080p...

    Q: Do you upload 4K or 4K 60 FPS videos?
    A: Yes! I'm sometimes rendering videos at 4K 60 FPS but, this is Graphic equalizer my music made videos... For example; "Technopat Remix"