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Master Any Game With These Tips! | Games on Queue | MGN (2019)

  1. Koala_Steamed
    Some good insight there @finegaming, much better idea to learn from these players than players who get frustrated when they lose against the odds.
    Oct 5, 2019
  2. finegamingconnoisseur
    Good tips. I would add to tip 4, and that is playing in a game where the odds are heavily stacked against you is a good thing. I’m not any good at pvp, but I actually prefer to play in a game filled with players who are experts at pvp, so that I learn how to survive in my own way even if I can’t stand toe to toe against them in a fight. I plan my journey carefully and adapt quickly if I run into danger, use cover to hide my silhouette, and spot other players before they spot me so I can avoid them in the lawless wilderness.
    Oct 1, 2019