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Freedom! Central (312) Official videos from the Freedom! Central hub.
Brotherhood of Gamers (63) Please submit game play footage from e-sports games such as DOTA2, League of Legends, PUBG, Overwatch, etc. to potentially be reviewed and...
YouTube school (50) Learn things about YouTube here!
MGN (104) Videos from MGN!
Gaming Trailers (51) I mean these are trailers... for or about gaming....
General Media (44) General Media
Staff, Community Team, and VIPs (733) this section is set up so that staff, and other contributors can post their videos separately from everyone else. This allows us to promote...
Partner Content! (0) This is the section that partners can add their own content!
Game Reviews (333) Video Game Reviews go in this section
Pranks and Trolling! (215) Pranks, trolling, and other stuff of that ilk go here. :)
TV / Movie Reviews (175) This section is only for movie and TV show Reviews
Vlogs & IRL content (248) This is a sort of catch-all for anything that falls under the "vloggy" style but doesn't have a category of it's own.
Gaming News (106) This category is for partners who discuss the latest developments in the gaming world!
Gameplay (3675) This is your standard run of the mill gaming video or could be a well edited funny moments montage or something like that... who knows!!
Music (210) Music and sounds category
Technology (47) All things tech
Comedy (57) Does it make you laugh? Then it goes here!
Beauty (2) A category for the best beauty tips and tricks
Art and GFX (19) Stuff that makes you say wow!
Animation (36) YouTube animation videos