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GFX Misc Zenanov's XTREME Pack 2017! (GFX Pack) 2017-04-24

This is a GFX Pack made by me by compiling various Graphics Packs!

  1. Zenanov
    I have compiled some of the best things that I could get around the internet, and I also want you all to make sure that I haven't made nay of the items, I will do make a GFX Pack which will have everything made by me.
    • I have read the C.R.I.B. Rules.
    • I agree that the resource I'm uploading is something that I created or am allowed to share.
    • I agree that by uploading this resource, I hereby grant all Freedom! Community members the permission to use it.

Recent Reviews

  1. Dev_J
    Version: 2017-04-24
    While I like the idea of this pack, I found this to be a bit hard to use, firstly due to its size of 589MB on download which is rather slow because of the file host. Then when opening the file it takes a good minute or two to render all the images in the over 1GB size .psd file. When taking a look through whats there there is a nice amount of content for a variety of well know IP's along with effects and smoke e.t.c. But as stated in the resource these are pretty much just images you could find online with a bit of looking. Just all put together. I guess if you're into simple thumbnail making then this is good. But for someone like me it isn't practically useful as a google search or two can get the same types of images for most games including ones not in this pack.
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