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GFX Misc Space Triangle Logos 2016-06-02

Space Triangle Logos

  1. AngelPandaz
    See guys I have an obsession with triangles XD
    So I combined triangles and space together and I got these sweet logos!
    They come (not in the zip file I mean like they are a set together) with my previous uploaded banner but ofc you don't have to use them together :p
    They (the logos) are together in a zip file so when you download them make sure you have WinRAR or anything like it to open the zip file :D

    Here are the logo pictures:
    ** The difference between them is that some are flat some aren't and some are darker and some are lighter and some have shadows and some don't so make sure to look at that :p **
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    **To download from Dropbox at the top right you have 3 dots like this: ...**
    If you guys don't understand how to download and edit to put it on your banner etc. feel free to tell me and I will make a tutorial :D

    If you guys would use this and you would like to be nice please credit me on your youtube/twitch channel that you use it for link:youtube.com/c/DarkAngelPandaz **
    • I have read the C.R.I.B. Rules.
    • I agree that the resource I'm uploading is something that I created or am allowed to share.
    • I agree that by uploading this resource, I hereby grant all Freedom! Community members the permission to use it.

Recent Reviews

  1. LW001
    Version: 2016-06-02
    There are white borders in the logos and in my opinion they aren't really the best either. Some people might find a use for this though so thanks for creating it!
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