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GFX Misc Improved C.R.I.B Icons 11/05/2017 (Update #3)

An improvement on Ashley's Icons pack to be the same style

  1. Jonathan
    (Icon preview, images are 1/4 actual size in this preview)

    So I recently found a few more GTX tools I didn't know I had and though I'd make some flat design icons to improve on Ashely's C.R.I.B Icon pack (seen here). What I've done here is made them all the same flat circle design with white background to avoid getting the blue backgrounds you get from transparency on the images.

    Icons in pack:​
    - Default - grey icon
    - Images - blue icon
    - Video - green icon
    - Recording - dark yellow icon
    - Information - cyan icon
    - Music - red icon
    - Services - purple icon
    - HTML - pink icon
    - Code - orange icon
    - VFX - light yellow icon

    If anyone has any suggestions for new icons that are not in the pack already then just let me know and I'll make one :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith
    Version: 18-04-2017 (Update 2)
    This is nice! it would be cool to add something for VFX which might be like video but with a wand pointed at it or something.
    Thanks for this!!
    1. Jonathan
      Author's Response
      Indeed, I'll add one for VFX in the next update