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Audio Free copyright house music

House kind of music to be used as background music in your video's to add a nice vibe.

  1. East Lantic

    The music i'm giving away to use for free, is something that helps create a vibe in your video's. You and me both know that the impact of music on video's is big. It can make or break a video, so you should be careful when picking music for your video! I hope I can provide the vibe you just needed for your video. The download links of the songs can be found in the description of the songs on youtube. Here is a sample of one of my songs:

    Just be sure to link me in the description and leave me a message so I can see a result!
    • I have read the C.R.I.B. Rules.
    • I agree that the resource I'm uploading is something that I created or am allowed to share.
    • I agree that by uploading this resource, I hereby grant all Freedom! Community members the permission to use it.
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  1. LW001
    Neat clean song, make more!