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Freedom! Forum Fridays


Emoji fun is over, it is time to get spooky with the new Freedom! Contest.
We have more store updates, easier entry to the contest and a rundown of Sponsorships.
Sound interesting? Keep on reading!

~~~ Announcements ~~~


- As mentioned, the emoji creating fun is over, congratulations to @iFreeGFX, @Arthur Designs and @Kyrie for becoming first, second and third respectively, as well as every...​

It's Friday (well Saturday, sorry about that) and you all know what that means, its time for another FFF, so sit back relax and enjoy.

Forum Contest Ending

Don't forget this is the last day in which you can submit your entry for the September Forum Contest, which will not only show your emoji to Discord and the Forums but also reward you with some game keys as well for your hard work. Last chance to join the...​

It is that time of the week once again ! Are you ready for your dose of forum news ?

Time is ticking ! Monthly contest is ending next week :eek:


Time is ticking, but you still have time until the 30th to submit your emoji to the contest ! Not only will the winner's emoji will be added to Discord and Forums, but you will be getting a bunch of steam game keys as well !
Hurry up and join the...​

The forum team are back for a new week of foruming on our weekly Freedom Forum Friday! Last week brought some major changes for the forums but we haven't seen the end of it, let's be sure of that.

~~~ Announcements ~~~

- Ever needed to message someone about a question? Is someone being disrespectful to you or someone else? Now it is much easier to contact a member of staff or another member for assistance. For any online staff, you can...​

Welcome back to another great FFF, and I have to say we have quite a lot to get through and some things to celebrate so without further delay lets get straight into it.

~~~ Announcements ~~~

So a lot has happened on the forums over the last week and I thought we would have a quick overview of these below

- The Forums now have more friendlier version of our mobile app available to download called 'Tapatalk'. This not only allows you to view and post on the forums but also has unlimited photo and video...​

Welcome back to another FFF to start off this month ! So some of you are probably back to school or college now, hope the new school year will go well for you all :)

Time's up - Monthly forums competition is over !

It is once again time to review the entries for the competition and decide who will be the one to grab all of the prizes. Forums staff will vote to pick the winners and you can expect the announcement on Tuesday, 5th of September ! Who do you think will win ?...​
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