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by ItsJustJord at 9:30 PM
(384 Views / 3 Likes)
Hello, everyone! It's time for another newsletter, but this week with a twist! It's me Jord from the Community Team creating this weeks edition! Let's hope I don't break anything or Ashley may never speak to me again!

Watch time from Esports has grown 90%
That sounds like a lot because it is! In a recent blog post from...
by ItsJustJord at 6:56 PM
(296 Views / 0 Likes)
Could your Gaming content face demonetization?
Quote of the Thread: Tis but a scratch!

Hello, all!

So a few days ago Youtube announced their new Advertiser Guidelines, which I actually made a post about, you can find that here. Where I was talking about and how the advertisers are slowly coming back into the youtube advertising program! But for gamers, this could now change up the game a bit.

So for all the gaming channels that upload and create content based on the theme of let's...
by ItsJustJord at 5:27 PM
(436 Views / 6 Likes)
Hello, all!

This thread is going to be aiming to help you in learning how to use the "Media" section! Please remember that this is currently open to previous Members Of The Month's, community team members, and a few other select members who we've noticed being helpful around the forums!

How to Submit media!

1. So the first step in submitting media to the library is hover over the "Submit Media" tab, and then click the dropdown named "Submit Media".

2. Once you...
by Ashley SilverDust at 8:02 AM
(556 Views / 5 Likes)
Hello, everybody! It's time for another newsletter! I'm here on behalf of the Community Team, and we've got some great news! Did you see @ItsJustJord posted about the Adpocalypse ending?! Let's dive into that some more, and wrap up this week!

YT Making Progress with...
by Crazylawrence at 9:01 PM
(454 Views / 3 Likes)

Hello Freedom Family, as much as we can't believe it, we are already in June. Where has this time gone? Nevertheless, it's friday, so kick back, grab some popcorn and a warm cup of cocoa and let's celebrate, but also appreciate some of the events that are soon to come, or have already been.


Firstly, we would like to start off with a quick reminder that the May competition has ended and all of the entries are being collected and...​
by ItsJustJord at 5:17 PM
(559 Views / 5 Likes)
The Adpocalypse is over! Well kind of....

Salutations friends, So the good news is that Youtube released a blog post yesterday regarding your content and how to make money on youtube which includes an update regarding companies and their adverts within Youtube.

In the blog post which you can find here Youtube within the first paragraph explain that they are addressing the issue and...
by ItsJustJord at 12:23 AM
(513 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello there.
(10 credits for the person to get the reference)

So many channels sometimes like to go and do the most trend-friendly and search friendly video to match the certain trend at the time, well that was confusing.

So it's no stranger to any of us that youtube creators like to sometimes explore these challenge videos.
What is a challenge video I hear you ask well, it's pretty self-explanatory, in most cases, the video will contain the most common and trending...
by Ashley SilverDust at 11:21 PM
(642 Views / 5 Likes)
Hello, everybody! I'm back to bring you news and info from various corners of the Freedom! community and YouTube. The newsletter emails are over, but we’re not done! What do you think about the Freedom! Community Newsletter (formerly known as Wrap Up) returning to the forums for at least awhile until we find a new permanent home? If you missed any recent NL emails, you should still be able to see a few...
by zeke morgan at 7:33 PM
(566 Views / 3 Likes)

Hello Freedom Family, welcome back to another Freedom Forum Friday
Seems like these come around way rather quickly, so on with this weeks roundup


So you may have seen that the Credit's have disappeared from people's profiles, this is only going to be a temporary thing, and will be back once our new plugin has been installed and retested to ensure that our users can't buy things in the Credit store without sufficient credits.

    1. Gamenatic Gamenatic
    2. AN4 Games AN4 Games
    3. Row Row
      ↳ Dun forget to dab on the haters
    4. Unreal Sounds Unreal Sounds
    5. Rowtato Rowtato
      ↳ Look I haz status

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