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Welcome to the forums!

Happy Easter everyone!

The forum team has conducted an Easter egg hunt for you all and we have scattered Easter eggs throughout various sections of the forums. We have also left clues to help you find them, some clues are harder than others *cough* blame Nerd *cough*. Good luck hunting!

100 Credits 1st place
60 Credits 2nd place
40 Credits 3rd place
10 for participation + 1 for each found

1. Hint: The number 1 rule of Easter egg hunt


Yes it is already saturday, my appologies to everyone that has been waiting for the FFF yesterday :(
On the brighter side, its time for easter ~!

March is over now, time for April !

As the month is ending, so is the monthly contest. Make sure you're on a look out for Aprils contest that will be coming out shortly :) PS Easter is on April 1st ! Will it be a real easter ? Easter fools day ! :D...​
The forum staff have been spending too much time moderating the forums and we have decided that it is too much for us to handle alone. We have put it to the whole community to moderate these forums so now every user has been upgraded to moderator status enjoy!
As you may or may not have been aware we have been working away on getting the Freedom! forums to be more searchable on search engines such as google. For us this means more activity on the forums and more importantly for you it means more views on your posts, resources and media!

Freedom! community forums click and impression analytics for the past year on google search

We are still working out what it is that gets the best search traffic, however there are a few obvious reoccurring things that...

How is everyone doing? It has been exactly a month since I last made the FFF and like last month, this will be the last FFF of the month as Ashley will be back with the monthly newsletter to keep you updated! Anyway, let's get this thing rolling!


Member of the Month!

Believe me when I say it is a struggle to limit the activity of the Freedom! Community into one singular person,...​
Hey, #FreedomFamily!

Will the #MotM please March forward? (GET IT?!!? No? Okay.)

It is time to announce the Member of the month for March!

But before that, we want to give a runner-up mention to...

Welcome back to another FFF, seems like this week is flying by and with it we have much to celebrate and alot of information to go through. So without further delay lets get down to business [to defeat the Huns].

Monthly Competition Time...​

Once again coming in with a FFF :) Hope everyone has had a great week !
For those who expected FFF last week, Newsletter will replace the FFF once a month from now on ^_^

March contest is here

As always we have some cool stuffs for you to win ! Make sure you check out the new contest :)...​
Hey Freedom! Family,

The February contest winners are here:
Hello, everybody! I'm back, on behalf of the Community Team, with your newsletter for February 2018. More than ever it is time to come together as a community to reach and maintain 4k1k goals. There have been changes made around the community, and we have plenty of advice to help you reach your goals as you are interacting, learning, and supporting one another.

February has been full of change, most of it catalyzed from the news...