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Welcome to the forums!


Welcome back to another FFF, seems like this week is flying by and with it we have much to celebrate and alot of information to go through. So without further delay lets get down to business [to defeat the Huns].

Monthly Competition Time...​

Once again coming in with a FFF :) Hope everyone has had a great week !
For those who expected FFF last week, Newsletter will replace the FFF once a month from now on ^_^

March contest is here

As always we have some cool stuffs for you to win ! Make sure you check out the new contest :)...​
Hey Freedom! Family,

The February contest winners are here:
Hello, everybody! I'm back, on behalf of the Community Team, with your newsletter for February 2018. More than ever it is time to come together as a community to reach and maintain 4k1k goals. There have been changes made around the community, and we have plenty of advice to help you reach your goals as you are interacting, learning, and supporting one another.

February has been full of change, most of it catalyzed from the news...
Hi Guys,

Due to the overwhelming success of our limited selection giveaway of The station, I am proud to announce we will be offering the station to EVERYONE! Firstly thank you, everyone, that already took part in the promotion of The Station, and I hope you will all join us in this new stage of the promotion.

We have 2000 Steam keys for The Station that will be released over the coming days (The first 250 available now) 50 Xbox One keys releasing in the coming days, 25 PS4 EU Keys and 25 PS4 NA keys. Also, don't forget to get your...
Now that the 4k1k rules have been applied there have been a few changes around the forums.

New forums Badge!

We now have a new Partner Badge for channels that have made the 4k1k requirements and have remained in the Freedom! CMS. With this badge also comes new perks, for starters everyone with this badge will earn 2x credits for creating new threads, new posts and post likes! I will also be adding additional perks such as special promotion for videos live streams and more. We are still working on the colour scheme and additional perks so if you have...
Freedom! Crypto Miner Beta has been released and we need your feedback on how it can be improved! At the moment it is still in the early stages where there are limited GPUs that are compatible and only a single currency (ZCash) that can be mined.

It can be accessed via the Freedom! Dashboard https://www.freedom.tm/dashboard/crypto-miner once downloaded extract the .zip file and tun the installer. You may need to disable your virus detection temporarily when first running. Remember to turn it...

How is everyone doing this wonderful but cold Friday night? Three weeks have passed and now it is time to run through the latest updates and changes that we as the Freedom! community might be facing....​
Hey, #FreedomFamily!

It is time to announce the Member of the month!

For this month, our #MotM is...

I apologise for the lateness of this weeks FFF, I've been feeling rather unwell this week and forgot to ask if someone would take over for me. But anyway I'm feeling a bit better today so here is the delayed FFF.

Catch Up With Videos

Seems like George has been busy lately uploading quite a few videos on the Freedom Youtube channel whihc you may find interesting, for example some news on the new Cryptominer and Epidemic Sound. If your interested don't hesitate to check them out below...​
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