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Welcome to the forums!

Just a quick update

The media section has been opened up for 1 week enabling bulk playlist submissions for all freedom partners. Whats that mean? You can submit media videos for free! This will cost no credits, however it will not be sent to the promotion section or be promoted via chat. You must have your partner badge to submit.

Click "Submit Bulk Playlist"

We are looking to populate the media section, this is for search and other purposes....
Hello all, long time no read!

Guess the quote, Get 10 credits.

Quote: "Wake me when you need me."

Facebook is getting its own Youtube!

So on August 9, 2017, Daniel Danker, Director of Product for Facebook created a post article with the title
"Introducing Watch, a new platform for shows on Facebook" In this article, he explains about the platform and gives some great list of features for "Watch".

Here is a highlight of a few things that the article included;

We’re introducing...
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! You may have noticed a little delay this week; I didn't forget about you, we moved to Wednesdays! It was worth the wait this week, because I've got a lot of great stuff to share in case you missed anything!

August Contest: Media Promotion Crazy...​
July Contest Winners

Congrats to our July contest winners some very in-depth and awesome suggestions which I have been passed onto the Freedom! management team. Because of the great entries we received I have decided to double the prizes giving away $200 worth of steam games this month! Also $200 will be given out the following month.

1st place @Dev_J Winning $100 worth of steam games
2nd place...

This week has been fairly slow compared to the previous few, but compared to the summer weather and pollen levels, my hayfever hasn't dared to slow down. Nevertheless, it is friday, which means we get to sit back once again and rewind the events of this wonderful week.

~~~ Astonishing Announcements ~~~

August Forum Contest is coming very soon!

You all might be waiting to find out who's idea was the best for our July contest, so don't you worry, we will be revealing your...​
Media Platform beta testing extended
From our initial 1 week testing the media platform has been working well, thanks to everyone that has contributed! As some of you may have noticed we have kept it open to all partnered users. We have noticed a few issues but glad that no one has been abusing this platform. We will be keeping it open for now so keep submitting your awesome videos Media Library | Freedom!

We would also like to know any feedback you have, especially towards spending credits (₡15) to get the media into...
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! You definitely shouldn't be missing what's been happening on The George Show recently! We've got the videos and news right here for you if you did miss anything though! Plus more, of course! Let's wrap up this week!

Freedom! $100k Sponsorship is Back!...

Hello Freedom! Family, I am back once again ! Hope you did not miss me too much due to the short absence from the FFF :) Alrighty, less chatter more FFF !

~~ Announcements ~~

July is over !?

To start everything off July is coming to an end. That means that the Forums July competition is also nearing its end. Coming to an end does not mean it is all lost though, you still have few days to enter the competition and share your amazing...​
Hello, all!
Sad news guys, Youtube video editor, and photo slideshow is being canned.

So for all of you that are unaware about Youtube video editor, You can use Video Editor tools to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click. All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor. You can access the Video Editor at YouTube

On the 20th of July. 2017 Marissa - The Community Manager released a message saying "We wanted to let you know that the...
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! This week we have a couple bits of YouTube news, some awesome partners to recognize, a lot of great videos for you, and of course - tips! Let's wrap up this week!

New YT Comment Management Option
If you go to...
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