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Welcome to the forums!


Hello Freedom! Family, I realise it hasn't been a full three weeks already but with our resident Senpai @Nerd being out of town this week, I said I would cover - hopefully I don't mess things up then.

~~ Announcements ~~

So starting off with some unfortunate news first, as you may have seen @Fourth Wall Games games has now left the Forum team, while we understand the reasons it's still a shame seeing a valued member of the team go. If you would like to...​
Hello, #FreedomFamily!

It is time to announce the Member of the month!

And for this month, our #MotM is...


They have been active on our forums and won over unanimous votes from the forum team.
Lets take a look at one of their videos:

Don't forget to check their YouTube channel:...
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! If this week had a theme, I'd have to say it's Growth. So let's dive in, grow together as the Freedom! Family, and wrap up this week!

July Contest - Ideas to Help Partners Grow!
Here is a great opportunity to share those...
Hi all.

So many of you will know me around the forums over the past few years and may have noticed a considerable drop in activity over the past month or so. I am in the process of moving, my girlfriend is due to have our baby in September and work is as busy as ever.

Due to all of the above, I have decided to step down from my role as Moderator, I have had a great time being part of the forum team and would like to thank all other other moderators and admins for being such a great bunch of people and being there with me.

Also the community, has been a lot of fun talking and chatting...

It's a FRIDAY! Just sit back and relax, if you missed anything from the past week, don't you worry, we have your back. We have everything from the free access to our new MEDIA section, to a new chat upgrade which some of the new features might be released to the public via our Credit system. (If you don't know about Credits, you really need to catch up...​
June Contest Winners

Hey Freedom! partners, Congrats to our June contest winners! Entries can be found Here

1st place @GlowingDude Winning $50 worth of steam games

2nd place @MasterWolffie Winning $30 worth of steam games

3rd place @Jorge Martins Winning $20 worth of steam games

We are still testing this section but would like to open it up for all Freedom! partners for 1 week so post your best content you have over there. Let us know if there are any features that you would like included or any bugs you can find.

The media tab can be found at the top of the forums or through this link: https://freedom.community.tm/media/

Just a few rules to follow:
  1. Must include a description (can copy the description from your video description)
  2. For every video you post aim...
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! It's been an interesting week of ups and downs. There's good news and sad news and some in between, you'll have to read on to see what I mean! Let's wrap up this week!

Make Suggestions for YT Studio!...​
Hey everyone,

A few days ago there has been a great loss in the Youtube community and the entertainment industry.
Stevie Ryan was born June 2, 1984, in Riverside, California. At the age of two, Ryan and her family relocated to Victorville, where her parents operated a trucking business. In 2002, she graduated from Silverado High School.

At the age of 19, Ryan made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Throughout 2006 and 2007, she continued to book various commercial projects while also filming, editing, and acting in videos which she posted on...

Hello once again Freedom Family, I am back with another great FFF for you all, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

~~~ Announcements ~~~

So our very own @Ashley SilverDust has been busy creating another wonderful Community Newsletter for you all to enjoy. In this edition she covers some helpful tips from millionaires, outlines the latest YouTube Creator Monthly, outlines the credit store is back (if you didn't already know, yeah should of included a spoiler warning) and many more things....​
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