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Welcome to the forums!


Welcome back to another FFF to start off this month ! So some of you are probably back to school or college now, hope the new school year will go well for you all :)

Time's up - Monthly forums competition is over !

It is once again time to review the entries for the competition and decide who will be the one to grab all of the prizes. Forums staff will vote to pick the winners and you can expect the announcement on Tuesday, 5th of September ! Who do you think will win ?...​
We are in the process of rolling out some forum updates. Making the forums more pretty and to add some more functionality.

A lot of these ideas have come from community feedback, so thanks to all those that have input their suggestions. As of all updates there may be some bugs that need to ironed out, if you see something not right let us know. Also if there are additional ideas keep them coming!

Have an awesome day
-Freedom! Forum Team
Hey all,

So Youtube is at it again fixing problems and user concerns on their beloved website, and in the recent days Youtube have made another edition to the site, what could that be?

No, it's not they have sorted the demonstration issues, No it's not the algorithms and no it's not fixing the trending page! THEY MADE A NEW LAYOUT! YES!

You heard me right guys and gals, youtube have a new updated user interface and while it's no 2012 layout, it's going in the right direction, some members do not automatically have this feature just yet, but let me show you in a few easy...

Sorry for the delay, it seems that when I ask someone to check it before it goes out, I get no reply, therefore I have had to release it late...
Nevertheless, here is the original thread.

From draining and refilling hot-tubs to writing a weekly forum thread series, my friday cannot be better and I hope you can say the same for yours! It is time to uncover what really made this week a gooden.

Time's ticking - $200 prize pool up for grabs!
Lost on what to play for your channel? Series...​
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! This week we discuss the popularity of back to school content, check in with George, a special secret, influential insight about the gaming world, and more!

In Demand: Back to School Content
This time of year students across...
Hello all,

So Youtube has finally decided to keep up with Twitter and has begun to roll-out a new section on your Youtube home page which will include "Breaking news" a feed of videos that will be up to date with the latest news going on in the world!

Youtube would not be the first place that you go for updates on all the current events mainly because it was never shown to you unless you had a direct link to the source video, but then you have to go through the hassle of some extra mouse clicks to get to where you need to be. But in most cases, Youtube would show you...

Hello there Freedom Family, back once again to spotlight more goodness in our FFF :)


There isn't much time left to get your entries in for the August competition, don't forget that there is an extra $100 worth of keys available depending on submissions, so go searching the Media section for the best videos. Full information about the contest can be found here

Our very own...​
Hello, #FreedomFamily!

Once again, it is time
(maybe a bit late //shot) to announce the Member of the month!

And for this month, our #MotM is...


They have been active on our forums and won an almost unanimous vote from the forum team!

Lets take a look at their most popular video:

Don't forget to check their YouTube...
Hello, everybody! I'm back on behalf of the Community Team with another Community Newsletter! I'm happy to see that everybody had fun dabbing all over the last newsletter, lol! This week is more of a "short and sweet" edition. Hope you enjoy! :)

Monetization Troubleshooting & Advice
There have been...

Hey there Freedom family ! Nerd's here once again :)

~~ Announcements ~~

August Competition

A new month means a new thing, it is already August and that means we have a new forum competition this month ! Have you already congratulated winners of the last competition ? Also make sure you join in for August competition, everything can be found in the announcement thread...​
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