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Welcome to the forums!

Hey, #FreedomFamily!

We thank everyone who voted and participated in our little poll for the new MotM. Before we get to the winner, let's all give a big virtual round of applause for our MotM Finalist @Louisse Subido

He will receive 50 CRD!
And now, it is time to announce the...
Hi #FreedomFamily! Stef is back again to bring you all more free stuff in the newly re-branded GG (Game Giveaways) in the shiny Freedom! Dashboard. In today's video Stef will be talking about about the GG system and how it's evolving and more importantly how you as a Freedom! Partner can use it. Please click this link to get started. https://www.freedom.tm/dashboard/game-giveaways

Welcome to Game Giveaways
This is where Freedom!...

Hello Freedom! Members, we are one week away from Black Friday, any plans on what you might be trying to get on the 24th of November? Anyway, today we have a lot to get through in *hopefully* a short thread, so let's get started!


Member of the Month

In normal practice, you, the Freedom! community contribute to the forums and we notice some of your...​
Hey, #FreedomFamily!

It is time to announce the Member of the month! ...Or is it?

As always, we listed the names of the members that we've seen stand out for the month, and we included your suggestions on who our MotM should be. After this, we proceeded on voting. But from the list of nominees, two names stood out and we found ourselves stuck with a tie. So we figured, why not let the forums decide?

And the two members the community will be choosing from are...

Welcome everyone its Friday and you know what that means. Its time to sit back, relax and enjoy this week's FFF as we have a lot to talk about.




So starting off this week, with some quick announcements. As we are in a brand new month we have started a new competition giveaway and have loads of lovely prizes to giveaway this month. In addition...​

If you require any assistance Freedom! or YouTube related, pop into our LIVE show on the Freedom! Central YouTube Channel to have your questions answered in real time.

5am - 8am Manilla [Monday - Saturday]

Currently Online
Congratulations to our #Spooktober contest winners! We are thankful for all your spooktacular entries and we are glad that some even joined in with multiple entries. The Forum Team is really amazed by how talented and creative everyone is. And now without further ado, the winners of last month's contest are:

Hello once again guys, lets get on to the FFF to start of the month :) !

October is over already?

That's right the month is over and so is the monthly competition ! Results and new competition for November will be posted shortly :) Link Here

Tap a Talk ?!

I believe most of you have already heard what...​
Hello Freedom! family partners

We have good news for those that are using the Tapatalk mobile app on the Freedom! Forums and for those who may want to try it out. We have upgraded our plan to now be ad free within the forum section (there are still ads if you use the home apps feed). This makes browsing the forums a much nicer experience while it. We are trialing this upgrade for a few months and if...
Get your free asset pack here!


“The Solus Project is absolutely incredible”

Rock Paper Shotgun

“The Solus Project is a breath of fresh air, boasting ingenuity and creativity”

8/10 – Don't hate the geek

“If you are looking for a true survival experience with balanced difficulty and good storyline then this game is an absolute must for you.”

The Tech 52

TSP has work-in-progress support for VR (Vive/Oculus). Support for room scale and the Vive controllers! This is a...​
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