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Welcome to the forums!

Welcome #FreedomFamily

It is once again the time to post the MotM thread and I am really sorry to be the bringer of the bad news, but this month we have been unable to select anyone outstanding.

We do not want to diminish the meaning and value behind the title of "Member of the Month" and have thus decided to withhold the title this month.


Why would you want to be selected as the MotM ?

Whoever gets selected as MotM gains 100 free credits for their hard work, a special shiny badge for a month, your very own spot in our Forum Home page, a virtual round of applause, the...

Hello everyone, it is Nerd once again :)
I've mixed up the days of the week so... On to the FFS~!

September is almost here :( !

I believe that a large part of users will be going back to school or university soon, so I would really like to know how are you dealing with that ? Any interesting ideas for a last minute activities while you can :D ?

Youtube channel memberships !

What is a membership on youtube ? It is same as subscribing on...​
Hello Freedom! Family, welcome to the weekly and this time slightly delayed Freedom! Forum Friday from Africa! I hope your week was amazing enough for you to forget about when Friday was! It was? Great, then keep on reading!
Help translate the Freedom! Dashboard!

As some of you might remember the Freedom!...
Freedom! is always looking to improve the partner dashboard to provide the best possible service, and now you can also be a part of that. If you speak a native language other than the languages we have already available in the dashboard, and you have great translation skills and understanding of English language, there may be a place for you to shine in our translator crew.

Here are the main languages we are looking to have the Freedom! Dashboard translated...
Welcome back everyone, hope your all sitting comfortably, if so we shall begin with this week's FFF

Latest Freedom Videos

Have you ever been curious on how we can reduce hate speech, cyberbullying, and other forms of Hate? Well, Nold very helpful in one of the latest Freedom videos and outlined just that! Just remember that we can all work together to make Freedom, and the Internet cleaner as well.

will be able to help you out with that. Join Nold As he tackles this policy and stops the...​
Hello Freedom! Family, welcome to the weekly Freedom! Forum Friday. It's official, the FFF has rebranded and look at how smooth it looks!

As you may be aware, there was no FFF last week due to our new scheduling responsibilities announced inside the Community Newsletter. If you require a recap of the last month, have a quick snoop at July's Community Newsletter here. All caught up? Well let's drop you into the deep end of...
Hello everyone and welcome to another Freedom Newsletter ! Let's take a look at what happened this month !

Updates to the Newsletter !

Let's begin with the explantion of what is up with the newsletter. As you can see we, FFF team, have not touched the newsletters untill now. Well that changes today ! We will be bringing out the newsletter to keep you all up to date with youtube and freedom network related news :) It is my honor to be the first one to take on this job. Just so you know...​
Welcome #FreedomFamily

Sorry for the delay in getting out the July Motm to you all, I know you all must be pretty excited and eager to know who has been selected this month.

I promise not to keep you in suspense any longer.

As for this month our winner is @MrBlank

Lets just take a minute to check out their latest video as well

Whoever gets selected as MotM gains 100 free credits for their hard work, a special shiny badge for a month, your very own...

Welcome to the 75th FFF and my first one! I hope I'll be able to live up to the high quality standards that Nerd, Zeke and Crazylawrence have kept this series to ever since it started, let me know what to improve on in the comments! Sorry for the slight delay...​

~~~ What do you think? ~~~

What should you call your fans?
A lot of YouTubers around the site have started giving out punny names to their supporters, but are they really needed? Should you do...​

Welcome everyone to this week's FFF, sorry for none last week, seems like we all forgot whose turn it was to make it and then time just got away from us all. Anyway without further delay lets start off with.....

Triggering YouTube Algorithm

Ever wondered what you could do to drive my audiences to your channel or to help your channel grow? Well in this latest video from Freedom Derral Eves shows you how from VidCon

I thought that the following (and shortened tips) might benefit some of our...​