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Welcome to the forums!

Hello Freedom'ers !

With the new Forums Overhaul update a lot of changes were made (change log can be found here).

One of the changes were the section names, like creations section and such. With this poll we want to ask you if you like the new names, are they confusing or maybe they're easy to understand and intuitive ? Based on your input we will try making navigation the forums as easy as possible !

Please leave your replies with ideas on how to improve the names or layouts after voting on the...
Hey Freedomers!

It is time to announce the first Member of the month for 2016!

And this month's #MotM is...

@Nolan Westmore

Let's take a look at one of his videos!

To everyone else, do not worry, there's still next month!

Show the community that you have what it takes to be #MotM And since its a brand new year, everyone else who were #MotM from last year gets a chance at the title once again!

Best of luck to all!


Welcome to the 1st Freedom Forums Event!

With the launch of 2.0 we will be including events, where you can win prizes and compete against your fellow Freedom! forum members. If you are not a gaming channel don't worry, we will also have events that cater for other channel types so that everyone can be involved!

Screenshot Guessing Game
The rules for this are simple, all you have to do is work out the game from the screen capture provided. Just the game title will do but if you can also provide the exact title and version (if it is a series) you may get bonus points. You can...

Community Overhauled is finally here!

The Forum Team is excited to bring you a better experience interacting with the Freedom! Community via the forums. Our main focus with this update is to streamline the interface and really bring the community together with a user-friendly platform.

-But, what about 2.0?!

"2.0" was the project name for this update. Unfortunately "2.0" strayed from our original vision and became a little too ambitious. We did not end up being able to deliver what the beta testers have had a glimpse of...
The forums will likely be going down for maintenance some today (I am posting as of 1:26 AM PST, it will probably go down around 4/5 PM PST.) There is no accurate ETA for when it will be finished but we'll try to keep you updated on the maintenance page which you can visit by just coming to the forums when the maintenance is being performed.

We are hoping it will take approximately half a day to complete although it's likely that it'll take longer.
Hey Everyone,

I'll try to keep this thread short, don't want to take up too much of your time :)

So, after a little over 2 years, working as the Head of the Forums, Network Services and a short time in Social Media, I regret to announce that I will no longer be working with Freedom!. This is due to a few reasons, however it ultimately come's down to irreconcilable professional differences with higher management.

Don't worry though! The forum team are still here, and they are working hard on up and coming features and additions to the forums that will make your experience much MUCH...
Official George is back!
George is back and doing videos, be sure to check out the latest updates in the video below! Has everyone been missing George?

If you have anything that you would like discussed on following videos of the George Show be sure to post them in the video comments.

The YouTube Partner Program has been launched as of December 2. This will gain you faster access to new features and revenue streams! A notification should show up on your dashboard prompting you to review the terms and conditions.

For more information about this and what to do please see the support articles provided :)

What is the YouTube Partner Program...

Some of you may have noticed that there have been a few changes to the Forum Team.

We are sad to announce as of the 18th of October, @Kan and @Savannah have parted ways with Freedom!, due to professional differences, that we'd rather not disclose.

We wish them both all the best in pursuing their future endeavours

On a brighter note, we're finalising the details for 2.0 to ensure that the launch is as smooth as possible, and we have some other exciting things happening, so stay tuned for that! (y) (Y)
Hello Freedom! Family,

@stuckdizzle recently made a video about this new partnership! Have you seen it?

We are happy to bring you another sponsorship! What are your thoughts on this?
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