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Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for the submissions! We will look through all the entries submitted from the creation of this thread to to the 25th of May. Entries are now closed!
Last month's contest was the first in this series of monthly contests hosted by the Freedom! forums and it was a success! Here are the winners of April's Monthly Contest:

Last Month's Winners
First place: @DecrepitSundew3 - Winner of $50 cash
Second place: @ThatNerdWithTheHair - Winner of $50 in games
Today is Star Wars day!

Share your own Star Wars meme with the community via a response to this thread to celebrate with us today! There are only a couple of guidelines you have to follow:
  • Your meme must be created by you, and taken from a frame of your video
    • Feel free to make small edits and overlay text
  • Your meme must not contain spoilers for The Force Awakens
    • Doing so will result in your post being removed and potentially receiving a warning point
All participants will receive an exclusive trophy on...
Hi guys,

As you might be aware we are currently working on a cool tool to allow you to distribute content across multiple video platforms.

We are currently looking for testers to work closely with us to help guide the direction of this new tool.Specifically for Youtube to Facebook uploads.

Benefits for you:-
  • Early access to a new tool that allows you to distribute your content across multiple platforms with one upload.
  • Truly influence the direction this tool takes.What gets added? what do we work on first? ETC
  • Make the tool more useful for yourself and the rest of the...
Hi There!

We're looking into doing something HUGE for our GFX/VFX community. We're looking to set up a web portal that allows them to post templates, artwork, assets, and more. This could also effect SFX and music partners as well in time. This may also help facilitate the trade of other services like collaborations, skill, and labor for partner shoots!!

What we want to do is allow forum users to open a "shop" where they can market their templates, services etc. At first we won't allow anyone to charge for any work however if a user asks for help customizing an existing free...
We have set up the new homepage to highlight community news and announcements to start with! The goal is to give you a quick and easy way to check out recent happenings, contests, and other cool stuff. That's not to say that it won't evolve over time and become home to more content from the community!

What?! How will I view the forums now?

Don't worry! The forums you all know and love are still here and are easily accessible by clicking the "FORUMS" button in the main navigation bar across the top. You can even bookmark this page...
Contest closed! Winners announced in the following thread:

Click here to view May's contest!


Along with the Community Overhaul update back in January, the Forum Team promised events in which you can win prizes this year starting with the Screenshot Guessing Game Event...
The Support Portal has recently been updated with information regarding the YouTube Partner Program, here's a quick rundown, as well as some links to learn more about the YouTube Partner Program and how it may affect your partnership with Freedom!.

*Update* April 4, 2016

The deadline has officially been pushed back to May 16, 2016!

*Update* March 24, 2016

The YPP acceptance deadline has been set back by YouTube by a few weeks, no definitive date has been released yet.

Why am I required to join the YouTube Partner Program...
If you have been a member of this community for around half a year or more, you may remember something called the Featured Designer program which was run by the Forum Team.

The purpose of this program was to spotlight designers in the Freedom! Community so anyone who wanted designs done could go to them. Unfortunately the program was discontinued, but it may be replaced with something similar by the network in the future.

The follow-up

As of today (22nd of March, 2016), the "Featured Designer" ribbons will be disappearing from the forums. This decision wasn't made...
Hey Freedomers!

It is time to announce the Member of the month!

And this month's #MotM is...


He has been a very helpful member, welcoming newcomers and reporting rule breakers! Let's take a look at his latest (and helpful!) video:

To everyone else, do not worry, there's still next month!

Show the community that you have what it takes to be #MotM

Best of luck to...
YouTube has a new policy that requires every channel to accept the YouTube Partner Program by April 1, 2016.
Otherwise, YouTube will disable all monetization in your channel.

See this video by @George for more details!

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