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Welcome to the forums!

So I've been reading the forums recently and it seems that some of you are confused because sometimes I answer with the best of PR answers, and other times I lay it all out on the table... I've also read some theories that I might have a split personality. Well... Who am I do disappoint, this was made for you freedom Forums, I hope you enjoy this crazy ass video as much as I enjoyed making it!!
Hello, Freedom! Family,

On the 20th of September 2015 at 7 A.M. Central time, Freedom! Forum moderators are doing a live stream where we answer your questions live! This will be the first event of this kind and we are very excited to bring this to you! Ask your questions as replies below, and of course we ask you keep to the forum rules!

We will also have a section where we answer chat questions!

We hope to see you on the 20th!


-Freedom Community Interaction Divison
Hello, Freedom! Family!

We are looking for directors to send us there ideas for their own show on Freedom! Hub Channels!

To enter is simple, just fill out this form!:

Name of Show:
Reason you feel the show could work:
What you can offer:
Link To Pilot Episode:

We look forward to your replies!
Hello everyone,

I'm tossing around some ideas with one of my colegues here at Freedom for Heartbeat and I need your help. So let me say this first, nothing I say here is guaranteed, suggested, implied, or promised in any way to become reality. Any suggestions you give will carry the same weight as my own meaning if it's possible, and makes sense it might, maybe, possibly happen... one day... if we're lucky. I think that properly sets expectations...

So I have a few ideas for Heartbeat I'd like to put out there into the public i'd like your feedback on them and if you feel inclined...
"In the coming weeks, YouTube will no longer require a Google+ profile... to upload, comment, or create a channel."


Essenitanlly this means G+ will no longer be required, and that we won't have to worry about it when dealing with YouTube! What do you feel about this change? Let us know!
Hello Freedom! Family,

Many of you know that we have a Freedom! Forum Official chat room at the bottom right of your browser!

However, to use it you have to be on the forums, and that can be constricting for a lot of people. We know a lot of users would like to still chat, but maybe not be on the Freedom! Forums. They might want to be on their YouTube channel, a game, etc. That is why we have added Pop out chat! :)

To enable pop out chat:

Go to the chat room:

On the top...
Hello Freedom! Family,

We have a new music service for you known as Tunes.tm!


This service is not only for musicians, but for everyone who loves music! This will be a music discovery service that is just starting! We want to know how can we improve it? Let us know on this video:

Or reply with your thoughts here!

This service will let you search all music that is available to you in the Freedom! Family! For you to use for Free! You can use this music in your videos and or live streams and we are just getting started....
Hello Freedom Family,

If you haven’t seen it yet, there has been some changes to the Gamma labs section of the sponsorship tab on the freedom dashboard. The reason for these changes is that Gamma Labs has been restructuring their sponsorship program and realized they couldn’t handle the high demand of traffic that was surfacing to their program. Thank you @stuckdizzle for this information So now the sponsorship requirements are as follows.

Product - 5,000 views per day - you will receive 5 FREE samples of Lemon Lime to try out and create a review video
Gamma Army -...

Hello Freedom! Family,

In today's episode of The George Show, George explains fake Paypal Emails and why you should avoid them!

Make sure you don't get mislead and loose your information!

As seen in the above video Freedom! Joins steam with an official group!

Here is a link on how to join:


Let us know! Do you own a steam account? If so how many games do you have? Would you be interested in community game nights? What was your first purchase on steam?
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