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Welcome to the forums!

Hello, everybody! October is off to a great start! From the week of October 2nd to October 9th we've got lots to recap and I have a lot of things to share with you! Forum announcements, YouTube features rolling out, polishing projects, tips, updates, videos, & more!

Let's Wrap Up This Week!

October's Contest begins!
September forums contest winners were recently announced and the new contest has started! October's contest theme is...
September Contest Winners!

Hey Freedom! Family, here are the winners of last month’s forum contest:

First place for the $50 prize: @stevicity
First place for the $50 worth of games: @LW001

To see the winning entries, check out:

stevicity's Review
Hey Freedom Family!

It is time to announce the Member of the month for September!

And this month's Motm is..

@Showcase One Media

Been a very helpful member, active on our chat and very helpful around our support section!

Visit their main site or view their Inspire Films' channel here.

To everyone else, do not worry, there's still next...
Happy October! I have a feeling it is going to be a good month. I think it's off to a pretty good start for the Freedom! family. Find out about the Dashboard updates, an announcement about a community team member, FTU updates, progress with the Minecraft server, & more!

Let's wrap up this week!

When someone applies to join Freedom! there is a review process, and it can be confusing while waiting to know whether you're actually partnered yet or not. So, they changed the process! Now when you’re in your...
Hello again, Freedom! Family, I hope everyone's had a great weekend. We've got quite a bit of buzz to babble about this time. From forum news, gaming news, upcoming projects, and follow ups - to notification changes, great comments, GG, and translations; we better just get started!

Let's wrap up this week!

✔ 3 New Sectional Moderators on the forums - If you haven't seen this announcement yet, head over to the official post and join us in congratulating these three great members!...
I'm sure that some of you have already noticed but we now have 3 new Sectional Moderators that are here to help out the forum community. Congratulation to @Crazylawrence @Joaofall and @zeke morgan!

Crazylawrence and Joaofall will be working closely with Freedom! Chat, while Zeke Morgan will be based around the support and general forums. Of course they will also be helping out where ever else possible! They have all been doing an amazing job around the forums and the Moderator team look forward to...
Hello everybody, hope you're all doing well! We've got several things to cover this week. The George Show returned on Freedom! Central; we'll look at a few of the early comments. But first, some forum members deserve to be mentioned. Also, there's a couple more broad topics I'd like to cover.

Let's wrap up this week!

Featured September Contest Entry - Helping each other within the community is encouraged all of the time, and in this month's...
Hello again, everybody! I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed your weekend. Although Freedom! Central ran a bit low on uploads last week, there are plenty of things going on and topics we can discuss!

Let's wrap up this week!

★ September’s Forum Contest begins! Congrats to last month’s winners, and good luck to everyone that participates this month! The new contest is all about reviews! https://freedom.community.tm/threads/september-2016-monthly-forum-contest-over-100-in-prizes.210827/

★ We've noticed a lot...
August Contest Winners!

Hey Freedom! Family, here are the winners of last month’s forum contest:

First place for the $50 prize: @TechNoboOrig
First place for the $50 worth of games: @Showcase One Media

To see the winning entries, check out:
TechNoboOrig's VR Guide...
Hello again, everybody! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'd like to start off by responding to the frequently asked question this week: "Where is George?" and then hit a few important miscellaneous points, give you some updates on Frosted Fricks' weekend at Fan Expo, and then finally we'll touch base on the buzz regarding censorship and demonetized content on YouTube.

Where's George?
George has been working behind the scenes with Gloco and his team on ways to help the whole Freedom! Family. In addition to that, as CEO...
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