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Welcome to the forums!

Forum Restructure
If you haven't already noticed, we have made some changes to the forums! A lot of sections of the forums were a bit confusing and quite hard to locate for new users (and some older users). We have revamped the sections making it easier to navigate, including a few new additional sections.

Most forums and now only 1 click away, no more looking through sub-forums to find where something should be posted. Just click and start typing away!

There is now a YouTube...
Hello all, boy do i have exciting news for you all today! (y) (Y)

If you're not aware, Freedom! published a video regarding George becoming a Associate Producer for "The Station" and with that we partners are being given an exciting chance to become part of the game creatively! :eek:

Check out the video below for the video that George did;

Hey Freedom Family!

Sorry for the delay! It is time to announce the Member of the month for November!

And this month's MotM is..


Been a very active member on the forums and chat, and helps around our support section!

Lets take a look at one of his videos!

You can check his YouTube channel...

Hello Freedom! Family!
Before we party, we need to wrap up the recent week.
From a newly announced contest, to a partner who broke 100K views, it is time to spotlight your
threads that caught our eye within the last few weeks.

December Contest - 3 Winners!

I know many of you were wondering what happened to the December Contest, but don't worry, it has now been announced in the News & Announcements section. 13 Winners was announced for the Movember contest and 3 more will become winners in...
Movember Contest Winners!

Hey Freedom! Family, we had some really good entries for the month of November and picking a winner was very difficult. We were so impressed that we decided to give out not $100 worth of prizes, but $200 for this month!

First place for the $50 cash prize: @Indurok
Runner up $35 worth of games: @Saf Z yahya
Runner up $35 worth of games: @Tehhybrid23...

Hello Freedom! Family!
It is the start of the Christmas spirit, but also a new weekly wrap-up which will be produced by me, @Nerd and @zeke morgan to highlight the best tips, guides and reviews for the community, as well as selecting the most outstanding milestones and introductions here on the Freedom! forums.

Praise the 4 Digits:

Whenever we see someone break a 4 digit milestone, we all want to jump with glee. This week, a very...
Hey Freedom! family,

The forum team has decided that the giveaway section in our forums needed a little change up. It was previously quite hard to submit a giveaway as it required extensive proof of the giveaway. We have decided to change it so that you no longer require picture proof, however this does not mean you can post fake giveaways! We still take this very seriously and anyone not following through with the...
Hello, everybody! I'm back to recap another week! November is almost over. That was quick! It’s time to check up on what the community and Freedom! have been up to. I’ll gather the goodies, then we’ll dive in together!

What is the “Community” tab?
@itsjustjord started a discussion about the new “Community” tab that only a few big channels have.
Hello, everybody! I'm back to recap another week! November is going by quickly. Today we’ll catch up on things around the forums, see what news YouTube might have for us, and take a peek at recent topics and videos from Freedom! Central last week!

Hello everybody! Suddenly it's mid-November and time is flying by quick! It was an active week for Freedom! and the community. We'll catch up on important forum posts, check out Official YouTube blog posts, and see what content you might have missed on Freedom! Central.

October's MotM Announced
Be sure to visit the Member of the Month thread to...
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