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Welcome to the forums!

Hey Freedom Family!

It is time to announce the Member of the month for December 2016!
We have re-adjusted our schedule back to 15th of the month.

And this month's MotM is..


Been a very active member on the forums and chat, and helps around our support section!

Lets take a look at one of his videos!

You can check his YouTube channel...
Hello, all!

Wow, what a game changer Youtube have announced. We're taking the time out to write you this article to get you the Freedom family up to date and tell you everything you need to know!

So what is Super Chat
Super Chat is the brand new feature that Youtube have announced a few days ago, with this feature you will be able to earn even more, Super Chat gives fans and creators a new way to connect with one another during live streams. It appears that this is replacing Fan...

Hello Freedom! Family!
How is everyone finding 2017 so far?
Looking forward to what the rest of the year may bring?

~~~{ Milestones and Achievements }~~~

So many different milestones.

So here at Freedom we love celebrating milestones with you, so I just wanted to highlight a few notable milestones from this week.

First of all can we all congratulate @JayLazoris on a very impressive upload...
Hello all,
Yes, the title is correct and that is now fully possible!

With all the content creators today, Youtube are starting to "Fish" some of the more special content creators out there, according to Youtube over one thousand creators and artists hit one thousand subscribers every day so Youtube has thought of a way to reward the gifted upcoming stars that hit these milestones!

Youtube Blog Post; "Starting today, we’ll highlight creators and artists who are “On The...
December Holiday Contest Winners!

Hey Freedom! Family,

Happy new year to everyone! But before we leave behind 2017, we'll have to announce the winners of our last contest for 2016. We loved all of your entries for the month of December and selecting a winner was very difficult for our team. Nonetheless, here are our winners!

First place for the $50 cash prize: @OG Killa

2 winners of $50 worth of game keys:...

Hello Freedom! Family!
Is everyone awake from the new years already ? Hope so because
we have some cool things to look at from this week !

~~~{ Milestones and Achievements }~~~

Hundreds upon hundreds !


We do celebrate a lot of milestones, Why is this one better ? Oh trust me its better ;)...​

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